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The East German Stasi (Secret Police)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mmj_uk, 9 Jun 2021.

  1. mmj_uk


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    A fascinating read in the DM for anyone interested and reminder for why privacy is important in an increasingly surveilled world and perhaps you'll even recognise some similarities with the world today.

    Full article here, well worth a read:
    Stasi's 'no touch' torture: It was the East German secret police's most terrifying weapon - gaslighting mind games that drove its own citizens mad... and the lessons for today's social media generation couldn't be more stark

    I might as well have just quoted the whole article it was so interesting but those are just some of the highlights.

    I've heard a few eastern Europeans talk about what it was like to live under the iron curtain and a lot of it is hard to believe.

    The book should be a good read.
  2. Lysander


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    Oh look, an mmj_uk Daily Mail thread. Haven't seen one of those for a while.
  3. rhobbyh


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    You could just watch the escapades of Martin Rausch in Deutschland 83/86/89 for all your Stasi-related high jinks
  4. Ayahuasca


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  5. peterwalkley


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    We could torture people today by making them read DM online without an ad-blocker.
  6. [FnG]magnolia


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    Just LOL if you're not a bot who posts this shenans all the time, honestly IP check in aisle 9.

  7. Rroff

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    At the core there is a real concern that people often don't seem to care about in a world without appropriate privacy and so on where a single click can have huge implications for your day to day life it only needs one narrow minded or of bad intent person to rise to the top who considers your opinion and what you stand for to be bad, evil and needs stamping out or just doesn't like you, etc. to have a huge impact on your life.

    Sadly though mmj_uk won't engage honestly and openly with any points raised in this thread, even when other posters are posting in good faith.
  8. potatolord

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    An interesting article. It's easy to forget just how easy we have it, compared to people in the very recent past.

    The parallel with social media is a good one. How many people are just one vicious beggar away from having their career damaged by a poorly written facebook/ twitter comment from 10 years ago?
  9. R.P.L

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    Life started to feel like one big wind up to me a while ago anyway and I learnt to live with it, so they'd have a tough time breaking me :D
  10. Raz


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    Aside from the persecution, torture and crimes these organisations commit, the one other thing that worries me is how so many people seemingly go with it and have no moral qualms. Yes many people do get blackmailed or forced into it, but I imagine there are many more that do so on their own accord.

    What's worse is that they simply reintegrate back into society and carry on being neighbours, teachers and so on.

    In the current climate of increased terrorism we know that some of the guidance ( e.g. prevent) anyone can be a terrorist or a danger to the public and national security. But all it takes is a government with a particular agenda for people to switch or actually have the freedom to 'legally' commit crimes against others. See: numerous occasions when 'good decent people' turned against the Jewish population, Rwanda, Kosovo, ISIS, and to a lesser extent Trump and his drive against immigrants...
  11. Belly

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    Very interesting indeed.

    Slightly off topic but there are some very good Bernie Gunter (German anti-hero) books by Phillip Kerr (RIP) which feature the Stasi leader Mielke.

    As a soldier in Germany (BAOR) we were told that possibly as many as 25% of the locally enlisted civilians (LEC): Officers' Mess/Serjeants' Mess staff/typists etc could very well be working for the Stasi. One security mobile team laid on a presentation using a scenario where a LEC had relatives in East Germany and would visit periodically. Later they were stopped at the border and the suggestion was that they might NOT be able to visit again. They were asked to provide a copy of the menu for a Serjeants' Mess regimental dinner being told it would be good to show East German workers the diet of the capitalist west etc, further demands would be made and of course if the LEC refused the Stasi could say that the person was already working for them and threaten to expose them.

    I often wonder if when the wall came down the names of those LEC were promulgated to the British authorities?
  12. jsmoke


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    They still do this, it's called gang stalking. It's just not as easy to cover things up with the internet around etc.

    It must be an easier route to try and discredit someone than to risk them influencing others.

    The government have to keep the high ground no matter what and these techniques just seem to be the easiest way to deal with individuals who are seen as a threat to stability.

    Look at how the democrat party tried to discredit trump with the fake Steele dossier.

    Go and cross the authorities and a whole other world will open up to you. Most people have no idea what goes on behind the scenes.