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The Man in the High castle

Discussion in 'US TV shows discussion.' started by Vidar, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. Rroff

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    As per my later post I found it a lot more enjoyable on repeat viewing the whole series after ending up having had to sit through the whole thing - a lot falls into place that is impossible to understand the significance of the first time around (unless you are a lot smarter than I am) which can otherwise make for quite laborious watching and vice versa some of the more tedious bits you know you can ignore and instead take in some of the gorgeously realised backdrop.
  2. Jono8


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    I thought this was fantastic. Can't wait till season 2.

    Rufus Sewell steals the show but the rest of the cast is pretty good as well.
  3. tickedon


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    Just finished watching the first season - brilliant show, really engaging and can't wait for season 2 now. Probably the best 'Amazon original' so far!
  4. McBain


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    Just started watching this, very interesting setting.

    First episode was good, looking forward to watching the rest.
  5. Semple


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    Thought i'd try this out now that Amazon allow you to download content.

    I'm swaying on the positive side.

    Seems to be a good storyline. I'm almost at the end of the season and the last few eps were starting to drag until something big happens, so it seems like they're not trying to give too much away.
  6. Cern


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    Really enjoyed the first season. It's not without its flaws, but the strength of the characters and the overall 'what if' plot pulls it along nicely and kept me gripped. It's also very beautifully filmed and the attention to detail in the alternate reality is handled in a believable fashion.

    I found the final reveal in the last episode to be rather jarring, not sure what I feel about it until I see where they decide to take it in Season 2. As I understand it, they've got quite an open canvas now as Philip K Dick abandoned the sequel to the original novel after a few chapters. He didn't know where to take it, so will the show's writers? We'll have to see.
  7. something daft already!!


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  8. smokedog


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    Heads up, season 2 is out.
  9. Rroff

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    Not really feeling season 2 - maybe it will get better but feels a bit generic so far compared to the first season.
  10. izzop

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    Will check out Season 2 later this week, but what is the story?

    Only ask as the first season is an adaptation of the 60's novel from Philip Dick.

    Is Season 2 just set in the same timeline?
  11. Rroff

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    Season 2 seems so far to be largely following the films and fleshing out some of the side characters - I'm not really overly familiar with the book but from what I recall it seems to be moving away a bit from the premise the book built up with regard to the timelines, etc. and some of the unanswered philosophy.
  12. v0n


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    The way parallel universes are presented is very confusing for me in season 2 and I'm usually very open to the whole multiple timeline malarky.

    But you have to give it to props department - some of the interior designs are just exquisite - obviously it all feels wrong because of the insignia and imagery, but boy they go through everything on screen with a fine comb - minute details like eagle cutouts on wall lamps, stained glass, etchings on shot glasses. Wow.
  13. opethdisciple


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    I don't have much time these days for watching TV.

    Can someone tell me if this is worth it?

    I've read the book, if that makes any difference.
  14. thedoc46


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    I really enjoyed season 1, and have only watched the first episode of season 2. I'd give season 1 8/10. Maybe even a 9.

    I like the fact that had the Germans got to the A-bomb first, which is what they were aiming to achieve and were the first to come up with the theory thanks to Heisenberg, then this is probably how the world would have ended up.

    Not sure on the alternate universe and the reels playing a major part of the story line yet... Not really into sci-fi unless its done really well. A day after tomorrow as an example.. Or The Island.. both outstanding movies. So this may just tank. Hopefully not.
  15. TheOtherOption


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    Just finished season 2 and actually quite liked it all in all - sets up a third season I presume!

    Got to agree with how they go to town with the details of the Reich wherever that's on show! Excellent cinematography as well.

    Really thought Rufus Sewell knocked it out of the park with his performance and the bit before the start of the final episode intro about his past in the US Army has me interested ... how do you go from that to being a top Reich officer?!

    Highly recommended all in all :)
  16. xaldub


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    Thoroughly enjoyed Season 2 .... just finished watching it this evening. Very powerful stuff, superbly acted and great production values. Would definitely recommend watching.
  17. awaybreaktoday


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    Absolutely awesome, the acting in this show has been second to none.
  18. Lil old me


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    Interesting how many actors from BSG featured in S2. I was half expecting (hoping) for Gaius Baltar to pop up at some point!

    Also think its an awesome series, though as much as I loved it, i kinda don't want a season 3. There is a lot to explain still but I feel satisfied with the way s2 ended for the most part and don't mind the unanswered questions.
  19. FutileBreadMachine

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    I thought season 2 was really good, better than season one.
    I just didn't like that fact that some of the Americans were such hardcore nazis even though they were only part of the Reich for like 20(?) years? For example, the doctor that wanted to report the kid as defective was like 70, so he would have spent 50 years living as part of America, so for him to be so keen on killing the kid for being defective didn't make sense to me.

    Also, the "teleporting" to the other reality didn't make sense to me. I'm thought the first time the trade minister went into his "other house" just his mind went since he was praying to some shrine I think and his socks were off, so I thought that's what his other self was doing. But after that his whole body went over since he was wearing his suit there the second time. So what happened to his other self? There was also an incosistancy when he was holding the picture of his wife the second time he went over and it dropped on the floor, whereas when he was holding the film it was able to teleport with him.
  20. ikillbears


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    i must have missed something
    the japanese chap, has he some how time warped into the alternate reality ?