Poll: ** The official Apple TV 4K thread (the 2021 model has a new remote and everything!) **

Are you buying the 4K Apple TV?

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    Votes: 57 35.2%
  • No

    Votes: 53 32.7%
  • Not at the moment, maybe later

    Votes: 52 32.1%

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7 May 2012
It’s ludicrous that I can get the new iPlayer on an ancient fire stick, ŵhich is an awful experience…but not on an atv 4K gen 1 with a10x :/

Edit: Sorry, I’d just tested it. It was so sluggish. Really frustrates me!

Agreed. I plugged the 4K Max Fire Stick back in a couple of days ago and once again found myself wondering how a £40 device can have better apps/features than the £170/190 one.