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*** The Official Destiny Thread (now includes 2.0 and TTK) ***

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by Jase, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. Greboth


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    It isn't quite as simple as yes or not but as a general rule; yes, dismantle all your old armour and weapons. There are two exceptions; firstly for crucible. In regular crucible your light level and weapon attack values are 'normalised' so a level 5 with a 50 attack gun can kill players just as well as a level 40 with a 300 attack gun. Therefore if you find a gun you like for PvP then you can keep it even if it is useless in PvE. The same applies for armour, the armour that lets me be light level 300 gives me too much strength so for PvP I switch to older armour that is intillect and discipline as light level doesn't matter. Another reason for crucible s if you like the perks on the armour, again for PvP I have kept an old set of boots as it allows me to carry more rockets.

    The second exception you will get to later on and is around infusion of armour. You might get a 260 light legendary armour but a 270 blue might drop however legendaries are generally better; they have more perks on and generally higher figures for int/disc/str than blue's. So instead of dismantling the legendary you can infuse the blue in to the legendary to make the legendary to 270 light. This doesn't work exactly, a 280 blue infused in to a 250 legendary will only bring the legendary up to 268 or something.
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  2. BaNksY IV


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    yeah I think I get it. thanks for that, I better start paying attention to the bonuses! :) Only done 1 multiplayer game so far!
  3. WriteThatD0wn


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    anecdotally i bought 2 engrams 1 was 310 the other 290 so 50% for me :D I think other people who may have a bit more data than me reckon its around a 40% chance but its all rng anyway!
  4. Fallen god


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    1/10 or 1/5 for me.
  5. meths


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    2 at 310 and 1 at 290 for me.
  6. mid_gen


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    First decode after hitting 300....310 hawkmoon :) Totally off hand cannons though so infused my Hung Jury up to 307 :cool:
  7. Phog


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    Superb - 4 engrams. All 290. >_< 2 duplicates!
  8. djcj

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    Is it still possible to swap shards/energy for motes in ttk? I've just realised I've got hundreds of shards and energy in my vault but can't see an option with the speaker.
  9. TehBluebear


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    Anyone fancy giving me a hand with a certain 280 light Fallen SABER strike? :D
  10. SlyReaper


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    They kind of stack, but not in the way one would normally think of buffs stacking. It only applies to the next ultra you kill and gives a chance for it to drop an exotic. If it fails to drop an exotic, you pop another 3oc, and the next ultra after that has an even higher chance to drop one. So it does stack, but you have to kill an ultra in between popping each one, otherwise you waste them.

    It's rather odd to say the least, and it took me a while to wrap my head around it.

    In other news, I got my Sleeper Simulant, and it's super fun. It'll one-shot pretty much anything except ultras, even if they're yellow bar majors with shields that don't match the gun.

    Oh and I finally unlocked shadestep on my hunter. Good grief, that took such an outrageously long time to unlock. Why did they have to make it the last perk to unlock?
  11. Davey_Pitch

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    As I had to work a 22 hour shift on Wednesday, I had yesterday and today off to recover. I got home at 6:30am Thursday and just managed to do the two Sleeper missions before passing out. Finished them off yesterday, then did the SABER strike this morning. The Sleeper is good but I'm not 100% convinced by it yet. I got one of my exotic swords last night and I don't think the Sleeper will be replacing it just yet.

    Also decided to put today to good use by hitting up LFG with a friend to do the raid. Managed to find a great group and we got the whole thing done in about 75 minutes, my first completion. Got the hand cannon, sniper, fusion and boots. Not a bad haul at all. Also managed to get my Hunter to 300, so that's all 3 characters now 300+. Now just hunting fragments for my Touch of Malice. Certainly a productive use of a day off :D
  12. BigRazer93


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    Managed to grab TTK and been plying it and it's brilliant! However, why am I doing the beginning quests over again at level 36?
  13. mid_gen


    Joined: Dec 20, 2004

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    Sleeper does melt bosses, I'll be interested to try it out in the raid, alternating between raid sniper with cocoon, DPS should be pretty good. The video of 4 sleepers melting Atheon in 10 seconds was pretty funny :)

    The solar exotic sword does some insane DPS though...did some CoO with one other guy who has the same sword and we murdered everything the instant it appeared, uppercut ftw :)


    Joined: Dec 24, 2004

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    Just started playing this again after a few months break. I forgot how good this looks the first taken King mission is stunning.

    I have no idea what is going on or what I'm doing but I shot my way through. I need to do the other two addons as it was just vanilla destiny the last time I played.....
  15. greengiant

    Wise Guy

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    I'm new on PS4, still to try this game for the first time. Hopefully get a chance to have a play over the weekend. PSN is greengiant1977 :)

    I'm hoping to get a good bit of gameplay from this game, as from November I'm going to be off work for at least a month following knee surgery! (hence the purchase of PS4!)
  16. krisboats


    Joined: Dec 17, 2006

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    Exotic solar sword over sleeper simulant any day. Sleeper was hitting for 15000 on a crit, raid sniper was 5900 but fires 3 times faster and with more ammo. Sleeper is good for a one hit instant take down or on a boss that can use ground strike attacks but the dps is higher on the sniper and it means i can keep the exotic sword for MASSIVE damage and far more heavy ammo/left trigger shielding.
  17. ZG002


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    So has anyone upgraded their sleeper to 300+? That's my plan when I finally get the gear to do it.
  18. mid_gen


    Joined: Dec 20, 2004

    Posts: 9,699

    If I got a 310 thunderlord or truth I probably would use it to infuse the sleeper, I think it'll be a good DPS boost on golgoroth/warpriest. I'm keeping my void raid launcher for clearing the centurion adds on deathsinger though.
  19. martin9887

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    The Speaker in the Tower will still do this for you.

    Mine is at 304, after I put a 310 Thunderlord into it. Next 310 heavy I get will go straight into it. It's my go to heavy weapon now!
  20. kinger8938


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    im 294 now, spent 2 hours popping a coin per normal strike last night with no actual gains. i got a few exotics but nothing above what i have. is that the end point of strikes really? am going on the raid this evening but quite fancied a new scout rifle or something :D