Poll: *The Official PlayStation 5 (PS5) Thread*

Which PS5 Version will you likely buy?

  • Digital Only Version

    Votes: 162 16.3%
  • UHD Optical Version

    Votes: 616 62.0%
  • Unlikely to buy either

    Votes: 216 21.7%

  • Total voters
1 Jun 2014
Sorry to hear you have a loud one.

I will amend to "It's silent in mine."

Before you reply...I mean silent as in I can't hear it when i am gaming, in the room, above regular noises.

I don't mean putting it in a Dead Sound Booth room with a mic measuring.

My own isn't too bad as it happens, but my brother in law's is very loud. Sony used three different OEMs for the fan unit, and one of the three has an average noise level higher than the other two. So it's just luck of the draw as to which fan manufacturer you have in your own console. He drew the short straw!
17 Jan 2020
I have a Curry's vip code too valid until Aug 17th. Seems to require a store collection and only has bundles but they are quite reasonable. If anyone wants one let me know in the next day or so otherwise I'll donate it to one of the ps5 stock twitter feeds
15 Apr 2009
Is there a way to update the NVME's firmware before installing it into the PS5 by using an enclosure for example - assume it won't be possible via PS5 interface. I would want to make sure it has the latest but would be a headache installing it into my PC and lots of others wouldn't have that option...
27 Feb 2015
I didn't sub to any alert, no apps, don't look at Twitter, I only check this forum from time to time and someone kindly offered me a VIP code for Curry's.

This thread throws up enough "alerts" by members every week I think, most of the time the website crashed when i tried but i still got one without any alert apps.

I think if you relied on this site for game/shopto forget it, the queues are so big even after a couple of minutes following hotstock alert by the time you in is no stock or bundle's only.
Amazon maybe, but is a lot of reports of it breaking down with empty carts etc.
Very seems the best out of everyone and I think with these you could queue late and still have a chance, but they seem to go the bundle route as well for some of their stock allotment albeit not as bad as game/shopto.

Currys system is a great idea although I didnt get a code when I registered so I guess its a lottery draw rather than a queue.

I still think only opening up orders in restricted windows is silly, and hopefully with the improved stock levels the retailers stop doing that next year.
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