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The 'P' word

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by the_brainaic, 30 May 2006.

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  1. the_brainaic


    Joined: 18 Jun 2005

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    Location: Canterbury, UK

    I'm not harping on about how tight the rules are or anything, I'm just curious as to why the four letter word beginning with p that is a synonym for urinating isn't allowed, whereas crap is? Crap being, in my opinion, the ruder word.
    Dons: If this isn't allowed then feel free to delete but I would like an answer if so - email to [email protected] (remove the SPAM).

  2. Otacon


    Joined: 10 Jan 2004

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    Email someone if you wish to discuss a moderating decision.

    When it comes to swearing though, unfortunately your definition of what or what isnt swearing is irrelevant. If we as a moderating team decide a word is unacceptable profanity, then that's that. A line in the sand has to be drawn somewhere.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.