Thinking about buying a projector

19 Jun 2010
Southampton City Centre
As the title suggest, I am thinking about buying a projector.

I know nothing about projectors presently. I also am a little unsure if I have the space for the screen, so I have attached the images below of where it could point.


And a little right of that.

Obvious thing, the lamps in the wall. right in the way. :(

So I was thinking in the first image, move the small sofa (and please excuse the mess). Point it there. Only issue, it'll be a little lower than I would like.

So first of all, thoughts on getting a projector? And secondly, what kind should I be looking at. I am looking to buy mid next month with a budget of about £300-400. I most definitely don't want 3d :p And needs to accept HDMI. I'm also hoping it'll work with my patriot media box. :)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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