Time for a new amp!

8 Mar 2003
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I've currently got a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe which I really like, but after using a Crate 4x12 stack at a battle of the bands I was blown away by the difference and makes my HRD sound very tinny in comparison.

Budget wise, I'm hoping for get 400 for my amp, and I'll throw in another few hundred on top if necessary. So I'm going to be looking at either 2x12 combo's or heads/4x12 half stacks. To be honest, a 4x12 is going to be a nightmare to hump round to gigs as I've only got a little car, but if theres a marked difference from 2x12 combo's, I'd be willing to sacrifice that.

I'll obviously be looking at the marshall stuff, but does anyone have any other suggestions or experience of going from a 2x12 to a 4x12? I play an SG standard and our style is a quite raw sounding rock (click sig for mp3's)

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15 Nov 2005
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For £900 you can get a Marshall mode Four half stack, the sound from these is scarily good! I bought one a few weeks ago and it's a monster, only problem like you say is the transport but as long as there's someone else to help then it isn't a worry.

Two separate valve pre-amps, each offering two channels and the OD2 channel will make your bowels shake, it's soo heavy :eek: It's also flippin' loud, I've not turned it up above four yet and I can plenty drown out the bass player ;)

You can pick them up off the auction site occasionally, failing that look for a DSL or TSL head and a 1960A cab which are equally as good (I know, I know, many tube snobs will say D/TSL heads are waaay better than the Mode Four heads but IMHO they both sound equally as good).
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