Tinted Windows??

28 Nov 2005
hi guys just wondered if any of you could give me some advice, just before Christmas i got pulled by the police because one of my back lights was out..they did a quick check on my car only to find my windows were "excessively" Tinted.

So i had two weeks to remove it off the drivers and passenger window which i did and then take a trip down to vosa so they could check it had been done.

After much scrubbing and hard work i finally get the tint off and go down everything gets checked and ok'd by the mechanic at vosa who clears it from the computer, what he didnt tell me was that i had to send the green ticket what the police man gave me off to the central ticket office. so today i have received a court summons in the post for the offense, where do you think i stand in this situation? i do have the forms saying the windows the sorted from vosa.

7 Mar 2003
Krispy Kreme drive thru
interesting one this, not heard of what would happen in your case.

might be worth asking on the pepipoo forums, no doubt some helpful person on there will be able to advise the best course of action :]