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TN2310 or TN2320 Replacements or have to go OEM?

Discussion in 'Printers' started by GregI, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. GregI

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    The standard in the box toner finally showed "Low Ink" so had to get new toner for my Brother mono printer.

    Like most I'm sure we looked at the genuine toner and were like "nah I'll keep my £50" especially when there are so many compatible cartridges around boasting similar print results.

    Yesterday I bought some "Office World" TN2320 branded toner for £14.99 at the rainforest (2 Pack). They came and of course it was Chinese made but luckily enough it fitted in well and the low toner message disappeared.

    Today I did a test printing for a delivery slip showing barcode etc and well not exactly bad, you could clearly see evidence of white appearing through the what should have been pure black solid colour.

    It's not super bad or anything but my OCD brain is getting to a point where I worry if the scanners who take the parcel will have problems with the barcode not being pure black or if further distribution centres will have problems scanning it.

    Just to see I went on the rainforest again who conventionally sell another compatible toner from "Prestidge Cartridge" for £12.50 (1 pack) and that will be here tomorrow so I'll test that and then refund the "less bad" one. It's getting to a point where I might just have to suck it up and spend the £50 but was wondering if anyone here with a brother printer can vouch for brands that are near close to oem printing quality? Like I don't care if the page is slightly more faded or whatever I just don't want there to clearly be white showing through what should be solid black.
  2. paradigm


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    Recently bought some "compatible" toners for my HP Colour Laserjet, they were "Yellow Yeti" branded and have (so far) been excellent.
  3. GregI

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    Thanks will keep that in mind.

    Update: Rainforest £12.50 toner came today. Much better than the old one and can hardly see any white if at all. If I was to mark the 2 toners out of 100/100 quality compared to OEM:

    Office World: 80/100
    Prestige Cartridge: 90/100

    Apparently Prestige Cartridge sells this toner for £7.89 but that seems too good to be true. I've contacted them to see why there is 2 listings for TN2320 toner and how they can sell it for £7.89 when Rainforest is £12.50 on another listing. Gotta admit even if this prints 1,500 pages out of the advertised 2,000 for £8... that's insane.

    Will update over the next few days on what happens.
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