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Today my 7 year old daughter got told off at school for...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AHarvey, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. mrbell1984


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    No handbook. :)
  2. Orionaut


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    Back in the day, I made a sort of crossbow using a clip board, rubber bands, and bits of bent coat hanger.

    It was absolutely bloody lethal, the bolts flew right though drinks cans without stopping.

    Certainly capable of actually killing in hindsight.

  3. String


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    Your words are pitiful in the absence of a picture of said "light shoes". We need visual context to accompany this, quite frankly, unfathomable version of events.
  4. thegreysquirrel


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    I never knew that had a name. Used to play that with my Dad all the time. I suppose I'm lucky to still have all 9 toes.
  5. Threepwood


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    Haha, split your kipper means something entirly different from where im from.

    when you rip your pee pee banjo string down to the shaft
  6. Roland Butter

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    That BMI calculator says at nearly 6ft my healthy weight would be from 9st 6lb - 12st 6lb.

    I was 11st 6 lbs for many years till I gave up the fags, and I was deathly skinny with legs like pipe cleaners, I quite like
    being a bit beefy now.
  7. [FnG]magnolia


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    e: nevermind :)
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  8. Blackjack Davy


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    Say what now?!
  9. englishpremier


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    How about Foxes and hounds? I used to run that as warm up when coaching just 10 years ago. Start with one or two people as hounds, the rest mostly are foxes. Have them hang a bib or flag out of the wait band on their shorts/skirt. The hounds catch the fox by capturing the bib. The fox then turns into a hound.
  10. Teh_Next

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    My son has entered fifth year at secondary school. He's hoping to be a history teacher so he's picked the relevant subjects for the universities he hopes to go to. Normally around here most schools allow their higher study students to have free or study periods outwith their chosen subjects.
    Not my kid's school, he's been told he has to take PE and has no choice in the matter. He's a young adult and it should be his choice. It's another example of someone else forcing their values on others. I don't think more PE is a bad thing but I believe in choice more. It really peeved me.
  11. neckbeardthethird


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    I love this thread just for being reminded of 'bundles'
  12. AHarvey


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    Forgot about this thread... we've had no more issues since however, my son starts there in Sept so we've been in for taster hours with him.

    On his first one they were doing PE in the playground... Bulldog :D lol
  13. bjorkiii


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    We used to set fire to each other's bodies using small plastic petrol containers used for for filling up cigarette lighters whilst pretending we were stuntmen. Bundle sounds typically southern our headmaster has his skull fractured by an ex pupil during a school versus school fight.
  14. dirtychinchilla


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    In my adult life no one has ever shouted at me, chewed me out, made me cry in terror. I'm not sure how this would benefit anyone. Unless the real world you live in is a **** hole, in which case I guess you're part of the problem.

    I did judo in primary school and then outside school when I was a bit older. I used to fracture my toe every few weeks.

    We did have sailing at school and it was great. Good excuse just to muck around, but I also did it outside of school to a fairly decent level. Generally, it's not dangerous. The worst thing that could usually happen is that you didn't duck when the boom came over, and it knocked you on the head and maybe you fell in the water, but that's about it.

    Me and a friend both thought we'd tied our boat onto a trolley one day, though, and of course neither of us did. Bear in mind they're a few '00 kgs, as we started lowering it down the steep slope into the reservoir it came off the trolley and absolutely rocketed down at this guy. Thank **** he managed to jump out of the way because he would have broken more than a few bones if he'd been hit.

    Safe to say, we tied our boat on after that...
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  15. Cleisthenes


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    I did this too and that was in the 00s, it's a very modern thing where these things are being banned.

    We used to do a 'widegame' up on Ashdown Forest at night where the scouts would have to make it from A to B whilst being 'hunted' by older people. Was fantastic fun and definitely ended with a few people getting minor injuries (scrapes etc). No idea whether it'd still be acceptable these days.

    I did feel the health and safety bits creeping in towards the end of my time there though.
  16. singularity


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    Didn't anyone have some black polish?
  17. Jean-F

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