Trade Plating

3 Mar 2006
Atcham, Shropshire
Just been offered a job doing trade plating for a company in the midlands and wonder if anyone has recent experience of doing this line of work.

As far as pay is concerned I would get £22 for the first 80 miles (goes up to just over £25 after 3 months I think) and then 25p P/M after that. They always try and get you a car to come home in close to where you dropped one off so traveling between cars is kept to a minimum.

The guy claims I will do on average 2.5 cars a day but couldn't tell me distances etc as it varies day to day but the average monthly wage is around £1500-1800. To me that sounds like I would be driving very long hours to achieve that kind of money or he is telling fibs.

Does any of this sound viable?
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