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Tragic death of Gabby Petito

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dowie, 26 Sep 2021.

  1. MadMossy


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    Can cadaver dogs smell something that is submerged?

    If it were under water then chances are the gators got him.
  2. dowie

    Capo Crimine

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    Well of course he hadn't, there was no evidence of any crime before he disappeared. They hadn't even found the body... Not really sure what your point is here tbh..

    Nope, not necessarily, the fact that he fled by the time the body was found, time of death established and card fraud was discovered is relevant here too. Do you think they'd usually dedicate so many resources to finding someone they merely suspected of card fraud?

    We might never know for sure whether it was murder or manslaughter but it's pretty damn obvious he killed her, illegally, and ran away as a result.

    Well ackchually he wasn't charged seems like an irrelevant point to raise given it ignores some of the basic facts.
  3. Werewolf


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    I don't think they can, IIRC they smell the gasses as they rise through the soil and the presence of a layer of water over the top is going to affect that a lot, especially as you'll also get decomposition smells from all sorts of other things that have either died in the water, or been dead and washed along with it.

    Then there is the whole thing about any working animal tends to be fallible, and they tend to be more prone to failure to do their job the longer you use them without rest, as are the handlers, and the quality of training for both in the US is quite variable depending on force (a lot of police dogs over there are from memory trained by ex officers with relatively little QC in many smaller forces).
  4. plasmahal


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    Neither has Tony Blair, he's still walking free despite having blood on his hands.
  5. dLockers


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    That someone else killed them both?
  6. Greebo


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    So he went there with his parents for 3 days and only his parents came back? I presume his parents murdered him then?
  7. dLockers


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    Sounds like it. We'll ask the CT'ers in the Madeline McCann thread for their thoughts (including thought leadership like Madeline can't possibly have been playing Tennis on that date because she wasn't wearing tennis shoes)
  8. bazzabear


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    I'm a bit worried now. I wear astroturf football trainers when I play tennis. Am I a suspect?
  9. FortuitousFluke


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    Don't worry about being a suspect there's a good chance you're a ghost!
  10. deuse


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    So it is him.

    I hope a gator got him and he suffered greatly.
  11. dLockers


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    Sounds like they found a bunch of bodies (unrelated) at the time they found him. What a great country the US is :cry:
  12. Stumble Bum


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    I look forward to the Netflix special on this in the near future.
  13. Jean-F


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  14. Dis86


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  15. CaptainRAVE

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  16. StriderX


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    Would you prefer people acted on it and risk being sued?
  17. dLockers


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  18. Longbow


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  19. Chris Wilson


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    I did some amateur work with Cadaverine, a synthetic "scent" used for training search and recovery dogs, years ago and was in contact with people who knew such things. Apparently, in still wind conditions, in still waters a venting body under the surface can produce, for a while, enough gasses for a dog to scent it from the edges of a reasonably large stretch of water. How long an average body vents or indeed lasts semi intact underwater depends on marine life, water temperature and probably umpteen other things. If the body is producing copious amounts of gas it rises to the surface, but will then sink and still vent for a while.

    As an aside Cadaverine is like ethyl mercaptan and is very pungent and long lasting. Apparently, if you put a few drops into the heater plenum grill of a car, the smell of rotting corpses pervades the interior for months and is all but impossible to get rid of. Like sour milk or vomit on carpets, but far far worse. Someone owed me a lot of money at the time, the temptation was nearly overwhelming...
  20. StriderX


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    I'm not trying to justify people whipping their phones out as that's clearly demented, but i'll clarify that there's a lot of risk (the person could have a knife or gun) in intervening in any violent crime and it might not be immediately apparent what is actually happening either.

    I'd like to think I would act in such a situation, but I'm not sure how I'd confront it if it did happen.