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Travel / General laptop for £800-1000

Discussion in 'Laptops & Tablets' started by Vanilla, Jan 13, 2020 at 5:53 PM.

  1. Vanilla


    Joined: Oct 18, 2002

    Posts: 8,901

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a travel laptop for the next year or two. I have a crappy £200 Lenovo thing for general use and a Macbook pro for work (bootcamped running windows) but I think I need to treat myself.

    A bit of photo and video editing but nothing too dramatic. Typically just browsing, movies.

    • Budget up £1000
    • 13/14 maybe 15" or 17" (I only tend to use laptops sat in rooms - never on planes or such so I could go for something a little larger)
    • Not gamer thick, not macbook air thin. Gimme native HDMI ports and such
    • Has some cool features. I saw some gaming laptop with two M.2 slots and one full SSD slots! However...they were gaming laptops.
    • A little bit of a gamer........but I don't like gaming on small screens so capability would be nice but not that fussed

    Don't care about:
    • Weight
    So far i'm all over the place and looking at everything
    • Asus zephyrus g GA502DA. 16GB RAM. This class seems to win a lot of awards
    • Dell XPS
    • Acer Nitro 5. Chunk Boi but looks like it has some grunt for the price
    • These Acer Swift 7 Ultra-Thin Touchscreen Laptop - Does have me tempted but no natie port but could be hard for £1k (do I NEED this slim though? no)
    • Surface laptop 3
    • Spectre 360
    Am I missing any gems?
  2. lltfdaniel

    Wise Guy

    Joined: Feb 23, 2009

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    Location: Bournemouth

    I can't help you as i can't recommend you a non gaming laptop because i don't know what is out on the market at the moment but..

    I have a acer nitro 5 gaming laptop Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop | AN515-43 | Black part # NH.Q5XEK.008 to be exact,

    I can tell you this, as i own that laptop, it would be a bit too thick or bulky but i don't mind but for you this could be a issue.

    Me being me, i would recommend laptops designed for battery life i think that would be a better route as long as the processor has enough power as well as prehaps a integrated gpu or dedicated gpu to allow you to game on the lowest graphic setting.

    Google is your friend, i would search laptops with best battery life, battery life will be or should be top on what you want from a laptop.

  3. Vanilla


    Joined: Oct 18, 2002

    Posts: 8,901

    Thanks for the reply, currently looking at google, youtube and other places.

    There's so much selection laptop wise it's hard. Double hard given my requirements of everything!
  4. Vargas


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    Location: Edinburgh

    I had a Spectre 360. It ran hot and the fan noise was annoying, the fan came on when the machine was idling.

    I also had an XPS 13, lovely little machine and very quiet unless it’s being taxed. It’s quiet when watching movies which is a deal breaker for me. I tend to use my iPad Pro to watch films as it’s silent :D

    You could also get an Inspiron 13/15. Decent machine and the 4K screen model is nice.
  5. Alibaba99

    Wise Guy

    Joined: Jun 29, 2004

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    I've been running an early first gen Spectre x360 since 2015, which has done plenty of travelling since purchase and is still going strong. The cooling fan can get slightly noisy (it's more like a loud rustle) but find that it only runs when the machine is running a virus scan on the disk otherwise it is completely silent in normal use.
  6. Vanilla


    Joined: Oct 18, 2002

    Posts: 8,901

    I'm looking at these more and more. Seem quite nice looking, functional, 'different' and performant.