Troubleshooting my Rift S with new rig

5 Sep 2009
This is half my troubles/setup and the end bit is thoughts on new headsets and wherever to wait or not should I not manage to fix this at all. Also I have contacted Oculus support twice and whilst they were responsive the first time the mostly just told me to turn more and more software off to run there headset until asking me to turn of my security software whilst running the headset in which I stopped dealing with that avenue. I've made a new ticket with my new systems and I'm going through support atm but they just seem to be asking me wherever I meet the headsets requirements right now when I said I just upgraded my rig from a pc that could use it previously.

So I've had a Rift S for 5 months its been a slightly unstable experience with display port disconnection drop outs on a daily basis sometimes nothing for hours on end to have several disconnects in a half an hour time span. At any rate my headset was troublesome but functional.
But on Friday I received new parts that my dad had kindly bought from me via overclockers built at my parents place then delivered to me. With a new bequeit case, a mpg x570 gaming edge wifi,cosiar 2x16 3600mhz ddr4ram, ryzen 5 5600x with a coolermaster cooler,team force m2 ssd with fresh windows installation from my microsoft linked account. The other exception was a gold standard corsair psu of 650 watts was used where I was using a 850w corsair before hand.

Upon receiving said case I swapped my rx vega 56 into it and my 3 ssds and single hard disk and preceded to reinstall chipset drivers, lan drivers, sound, graphics card and relog into my basic accounts. I reinstalled oculus and then the problems started.

When trying to connect the headset the usb and display port is unreliable. With the usb being a extremely delayed recognition. The hand off time for oculus recognising the usb is like 30 seconds to a minute & not with 100% success on plugging it in. In addition to that the display port connection takes around a minute to recognise if it does and if it doesn't it flashes on and off in recognition and my device manager goes crazy between having two rift s devices in my usb section to have 2 rift s devices in my mouse/keyboard/other section. If I check the devices there it says installed properly if I check them.
The rare times the display port stays connected it can run through scanning the room then the moment I touch the headset or tilt it it disconnects I can't get the headset anywhere near my face before it drops out.

I've been spending most of my last 2 days trying to figure this out and I've got some basic assumptions going on and there are a few things I need to test that will cost some form of money to try out.
My most basic assumption is somehow my cable for the headset almost completed died in-between me setting this new pc up in a single day that I was not using the headset by some form of rng the cable got unhappy or had degraded enough and the disconnects I was experiencing before hand was a warning sign of it. Replacing a cable is possible but it costs approximately £80-90 just to buy a new one which feels a bit overkill to me its like 1/3rd or 1/4th of the price of the headset itself. If its the problem.
The thing is lots of people online report this usb/display port issue so whilst the cable might be the culprit there are other things that might be at play. I've seen that a powered pci usb hub is also a suggestion so I've ordered a 3 slot startech one from over clockers. If it doesn't improve my situation well at least I have some more slots.
Also in troubleshooting my display port connection I tried each of the 3 slots in my rx vega and even the one my monitor was occupying by briefly swapping it to no improvement.
In troubleshooting this arrangement over the phone my dad pointed out to me that cards were in stock on the site and I was honestly shocked so I put in a order for a RX 6800 Nitro+ Oc 16gb so hopefully I'l have this new card to try out in a handful of days.
That being said I now wonder if my 650watt psu can run both the card and the headset there is very little information that I can gather about this matter. & I'm not really sure how much power the headsets use anyway.

I am also somewhat at the point of considering a vr headset upgrade with the new rig being powerful enough to handle much better visuals. With the Rift S being discontinued and in honestly barely supported in firmware updates at this point.
Personally I enjoy the usage of full body tracking with vive trackers and steam 2.0 lighthouses but having to use a third party app in order to link the technologies well adds some over head with running oculus/steamvrtogether and adds additional set up time between disconnects. The Quest 2 seems quite appealing for visuals but having no native support for full body tracking is a big minus for me and I'm not sure if I want to go through the tedium again on a new headset. On the other hand Vive are most likely releasing a new headset this year according to the teaser statements the company have released. There is also the decagear 1 coming out in may provided they meet planned delivery dates and that sounds either to good to be true in the sense of new tech or just ahead of the release schedule curve of unannounced new tech that will probably drop this year. There is also the valve index but delivery times are shaky and there are many reports of people being unable to get headsets due to brexit troubles. The finger trackers of the index sound quite appealing but the decagear with also offer finger tracking. In particular this interests me not for gameplay applications in particular but for dancing. Currently most of my Vr experience is hip hop/urban dancing with full body kit on vrc in dance shows or dance battles. Saying this the controller designer has a big impact on my playability. With my current riftS controllers I've placed a hand strap accessory over it for ease of play also without it the battry covers would constantly slide off.

I tried my old pc with an even older gfx card I was intending to put my vega back in but I forgot I replugged a rx 480 into it and was like what the heck lets give it a try. Well the rift s does work in my old rig it sees the usb nigh on instantly then the display port several seconds after. Meaning my cable is not dead for one. I have the biggest leanings towards it my motherboard the msi mpg x570 gaming wifi just doesn't like the rift s. Hoping the startech I ordered here with my new gfx card fixes the problem hopefully.
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