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Trying to get colour TV on 7900GTO???

15 Dec 2003

I just upgraded my graphics card from a radeon 9800se AIW to a nvidia geforce 7900GTO and the card is great BUT I like to watch movies and things stored on the computer on my TV and so far I can only get black & white, I know the cable is ok because I used it on my old grapihcs card and it also works fine on my laptop and also works during boot up on this card but goes B&W once windows starts, I have tried changing the settings from S-video to composite and that just made my TV go blank, I have gone though every NTSC/PAL setting there is and none of these have made a difference either, I think I've tried just about everything except using an older driver (and I don't really want to do that).
Any ideas?

5 Jan 2003
West Midlands
I found that my ATi card, actually had a different pin out on its TV out connection. When I use the ATI Cable on the Nvidia it always went black and white, switching to the Nvidia supplied cable, and full colour.

Exactly the same problem using the Nvidia cable on the ATI card.
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