TV Choice Dilemma

2 Oct 2009
Hi all,

In market for new TV, held out for PS5 to arrive first,

Thing has to be 48/49 inch as that's all I can fit in the space,

First thought was the Samsung Q80 or Q85 (but does not have 120hz screen)

Then was the LG CX,

Question is what are peoples view on the above and what would most of you go for,

Is CX worth getting over the Samsung for general gaming etc.

70% considering the CX but just annoying there aren't any deals on these and the 55" is almost £300 cheaper.

Do you think the PS5 Will make the most of 120hz our will 60hz do?

Cheers and thanks in advance
1 Oct 2007
I'm in the same boat, looking for a 4K TV and was set on a 55 LG CX. My usage is 50/50 between tv/films and gaming (now ps5). I currently have a Sony KDL 50W829B which has been great for 6/7 years of use.

Rtings has the LG as currently the best 55 in this range but looking at other reviews, the Samsung Q80, Sony A8H and Sony X950H aren't far behind.

I'm split between the CX and Q80. Has anyone had the same decision?
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