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Twins separated at birth end up getting married

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Haircut, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. Evangelion


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    What about the crazy Krauts who became lovers despite knowing that they were brother and sister? :eek:

    Story is here.
  2. LoadsaMoney


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    Surely mean face, as they will look the same being Twins.:p
  3. Biohazard


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    Nice! :)

  4. Viper²


    Joined: Apr 3, 2007

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    After reading that I really hope you haven't got a sister. :eek:
  5. pyro


    Joined: Nov 23, 2002

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    I don't know why but I don't find this disturbing at all..and no I don't have a sister, I wish I had a sister though.
  6. Mana


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    need pics!
  7. Deadly Ferret

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    I don't, but if I did and I knew she were my sister, I wouldn't even consider the possibility! I just mean that if I met someone and married her, then subsequently found out we were brother & sister, I think it would be better to continue our lives as a couple, to just try to adapt to the knowledge as one would some other disastrous news without it changing us.
  8. gillywibble

    Capo Crimine

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    It's a bit fishy that they only found out after their wedding. Perhaps they already knew and somebody was going to shop them? Not saying it's true, but...

    Remember that woman who found out her husband was also a woman after 18 years of marriage? Still cracks me up :p
  9. Skeeter


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    I garantee this thread would have been totally different if the story read:

    "A pair of twins who were separated at birth got a civil partnership without knowing they were sisters.."
  10. Angilion

    Man of Honour

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    Consensual incest between adults is only a real problem if they have children (and not always even then). Otherwise, it's just prevailing prejudice that creates a stigma. That can change.

    EDIT: To clarify my position - I don't have any objection to it even if the people knew their genetic relationship beforehand, even if they have grown up together, as long as the possible problem with children is avoided. Consensual relationships between other adults are their business, not mine.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2008
  11. titaniumx3


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    Don't see the big deal tbh, they can still love each other, just not sexually.
  12. Muffin`


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    Guess you have never loved and lusted someone much :/
  13. Scort


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    Exactly what I thought reading that story, not saying whether it is right or wrong, but it is a completely different situation to a brother and sister who actually grew up together.

    It's quite sad to think that they have been forced to separate, they probably still see each other as just another person, rather than a sibling.

  14. 2Thumbs


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    Seperated at birth - rejoined at the waist. :eek:
  15. Viper²


    Joined: Apr 3, 2007

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    Would people be saying the same if it was father/daughter, mother/son, etc?

    I doubt it.
  16. Yeggstry

    Wise Guy

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    Interesting point Viper. My first thought to that was "that's different", but ultimately it isn't really, especially since the age gap between some couples is enough for them to be related in that way.
  17. Viper²


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  18. SexyGreyFox

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    Does anybody know how they found out they were twins?
  19. yantorsen


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  20. The_TailGunner

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