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Tyre choices! Audi A4 & 255/35/19

Discussion in 'Motors' started by AsaTDi, 5 Dec 2014.

  1. xs2man


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    Sure. To be even fairer though, his list was the list off the website, where there is no mention of the Super Sports...

    He gave a list of tyres available to him, stated that one on the list he was already not happy with, I suggest another, while Fox suggests the tyre the OP isn't happy with, then suggests one not on the list.

    Why not just suggest a tyre from the list the OP doesn't already dislike?

  2. [TW]Fox

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    It tramlines because it's a on rubber band tyres, it's going to tramline, there isn't really anything there to absorb the imperfections in the road surface. I can't see how picking say a Michelin instead is going to make the problem go away, his best chance would be something with a soft and squidgy sidewall which as all keen drivers are happy to point out isn't generally something Pilot Sports are known for.
  3. hawker1986

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    Dean just said kwikfit got him a super sport...maybe he could ask rather than just sticking with the website!
  4. snapdragon69


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  5. [TW]Fox

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    Thats not a list of recommendations its just a huge list of tyres a dealer will sell you! I just entered a size and got a huge list which included rubbish like the Toyo Proxes T1 :D
  6. Armageus


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    Have Pirelli P Zero Rosso's on my A3 (225/40/18), and overall are pretty reasonable - decent enough grip and last reasonably well.

    Might be worth varying the pressures that you run them at, my Audi lists 3 different sets of pressures on the fuel filler (normal, fully loaded car, and 100mph+), and running at the lower pressures (especially this time of year) improves things no end.

    Have to agree with others though, If I could have chosen to go an inch smaller think it would make no end of difference.
  7. Heofz


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    Full set of 255/35/19 Super Sports recently fitted on my RS4, very happy with them so far :cool:
  8. Dr House


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    So at the moment what are considered the best tyres on the market CS 5P? I need a new set as my P0's only last 8 000 miles :( (the tracking was off)
  9. Six6siX


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    I have 5P's on the CLS, no complaints here. Handles well and grip is good. Not done many miles so can't comment on wear rate yet really.
  10. mjt


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    Buys 2.0 TDI to save money on fuel, wastes hundreds on massive tyres :D

    But yeah, ContiSportContact 5s or Goodyear Eagle F1 Assymetric 2s would be my choices.

    15k doesn't seem too bad for front tyres on a FWD car?
    The premium tyres will have slightly softer compounds so not lasting as long as a drawback.

    Michelins seem to last forever, but they are noticeably more expensive to purchase.
  11. AsaTDi


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    Went for the Pirelli Pzero Rosso's.... having done approx 400 miles on them I am very impressed with the feel of the car at speed compared to the Conti's!

    I will keep you updated when I have done a few more miles and have varied the driving more.