Ultima Online free shard - In Por Ylem 2.0

30 Dec 2006
Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Hello all,

Since I know there are some fans of UO on this board I thought I should do some advertisement for a newish UO free shard that just opened.

The shard opened 11/2/11 so it's still quite new and people are working hard on their characters, this is your chance to become part of the beginning of a shard's existence!

The aim of the shard is to try and reproduce the feel of the old school UO that we all loved but also adding some new features to pump some new life into the game. To achieve this the shard's dev have decided to only use the original world (no T2A, no trammel), there is no mount at all and no neon items amongst other things.
Every players can have 3 accounts max and macroing is of course legal (not the EasyUO macroing tho).

At the moment there are quite a few features implemented in the game, I'll try to describe them without too much detail.

Character and Combat
This shard uses a standard design for characters:
  • 700 Skills Cap
  • 225 Stats Cap
  • Skills and Stats cap at 100
  • No power scrolls
  • 1str = 1hp
  • Total skill point amount will not effect skill gain rates
  • Ability to drop special scrolls when fighting monster that when used raise a specific skill by a small amount (0.1 to 0.3)

The combat features are the following:
  • Ruleset most closely resembles the T2A era
  • Insta-hit weapon damage
  • Swing speed is stamina based
  • No UO:R based special weapon hits
  • Lumberjacking will not provide a boost for damage
  • Alchemy will not provide a boost for potion usage
  • Archery is not Insta hit (1 second delay)
  • Macing destroys armor and drains stamina
  • Long spears can be poisoned
  • No defensive wrestling through anatomy and evaluating intelligence
  • Wrestling skill increases your chance to dodge weapon attacks
  • Healing through poison is enabled
  • Reflect/Protection/Reactive can be stacked
  • Poisoning and Inscription currently provide no benefits for combat
  • Protection will not block interrupts but instead provides an armor boost
  • Magic Reflect will reflect one spell only.
  • Magic Reflect can be cast on allies as a beneficial buff
  • You may precast a spell and equip your weapon. Will have to disarm it manually to cast
  • Meditation through leather

Skill Gains
The skill gain system on In Por Ylem is a bit different than what you are used to when playing UO.
Depending on the place where you train your skill the rate at which you gain is different.
  • Towns = Wilderness = 100%.
  • Town Crafting Centers = 200% for crafting skills. Also known as a Town Square
  • Houses = ~50%.
  • Dungeons = 200% (only for combat skills)
Combat skills: (Anatomy,Parry,Peacemaking,DetectHidden,Discordance,EvalInt,Healing,Provocation,Lockpicking, Magery,MagicResist,Tactics,Musicianship,Archery,Tracking,Swords,Macing,Fencing,Wrestling,Meditation,Stealth,RemoveTrap)

When you reach 60 in a skill, another system is added.
You get the notion of Rested and Fatigued skill.
The state of all the skills is reset every 24hours

When a skill is in a rested state, it will gain quickly, and it stacks with any locale-based gains. When you are rested, your skills gain fast. As your skill progresses, you will become "normal", and eventually "fatigued" in that skill. Once fatigued, your skill gain will not be impossible, but will be much slower than when you were rested or normal.
This system is separate for each skill, you can be rested in magery and fatigued in eval int for example.

Every city in the game can be controlled by a king, the king is elected by the citizen of the city. Every player can become a citizen of any city (but it is account wide) and then vote for the player they want to become king.

When you become a citizen of a certain city you get advantages in this city:
  • You receive a discount on purchases from NPC's in your town
  • You can place a vendor within the city at designated areas
  • Only citizens can place housing within a certain area around their city
  • Player Vendors placed within city limits can set two prices on an item: One for Citizens, and one for Non-Citizens.

The king's job is to manage the city, he can perform the following:
  • Set the town Order/Chaos Alignment
  • Set the Sales Tax on all items purchased from NPC's
  • Select the town's bonus (Blacksmithing, Mining, etc.)
  • Place Faction Guards of various types
  • Withdraw money from the town treasury
  • Remove an exiled character.

The first round of election will be starting this friday, there have not been kings yet.

Paladins are designed to be a self policing force that punishes reds instead of a statloss based system. Wether you PK or not, reds are a huge issue for any server where they are left with no penalties. Paladins are gifted coins for killing reds that can be put towards rewards. These rewards give paladins an extra leg up on reds therefor evening out the risk v reward for being a red. Paladins cannot participate in Order vs Chaos PVP, so the rewards really be used other then laying the hurt on reds. Any murder counts will throw you out of the paladin order, so be careful not to get trigger happy.

Random Portals
Portals are designed to appeal the the explorer/adventurer type. Portals are randomly generated all over the world that provide entrances to instanced custom dungeons. The level of difficulty scales with your skill level and let me tell you some can be brutally hard but rewards appropriately. The rewards vary from the usually gold, gems, magic items to unique rares. Currently it is a solo experience, but it will be expanded to a group environment later on in the server's lifetime.

Pirates and Boat Combat
One of the more robust implementations, naval warfare is an interesting system on IPY 2. It features custom craftable ships/cannons, guild docks, pirate items and titles, shipwrecks and much more. The main goal of all pirates is to control Buccaneer’s Den in order to spend your pirate currency on various ammunitions, ship plans, to vanity rewards. You gain the pirate currency by ruining someone's day and sinking the hell out of their ship. Right before the ship is sunk, you are able to enter the ship for a short period of time to clear the hull out, then scram. One you have sunk a ship, the currency is deposited into your hull and you may no longer dry dock your boat unless you stable it at a cities dockmaster or your guild's docks. Smooth boat movement has also been implemented. There are also shipwrecking hunting as well. There is a lot more I haven't touched on this but just read more in the blog post.

Crafting on IPY is designed to put a little more coin in a mule's pocket while providing with a more player based economy. For instance carpenters are the only way to get ships. Tinkers are the only way to get cannons. Inscription for the circle 7 and above can only be made with master scrolls making the scroll market more cutthroat and profitable. Alchemy will have additional potions that are more focus towards PVE that can only be found through random alchemy.
There are no colored ores, only regular iron ore at the moment.

The detective system isn't entirely fleshed out yet, but has a lot of potential. While some might call it somewhat gimmicky, it implements another layer of player based policing. You collect clues from fresh murder scenes in order to pinpoint who did the murder. You file a report to a detective guild master and NPC bounty hunters are dispatched to apprehend the PK. If captured you are placed in an escapable jail. Its still being discussed if detectives will police thieves.


This was longer than I expected!
One more thing this shard is US located but it's playable from Europe, I'm having loads of fun and I hope that more Euro join me.

If you are interested to play right away just follow this link http://inporylem.com/codex/index.php?title=Portal:How_To_Play and download the client and the IPY patch.

For more info about the shard, features etc... just check the IPY wiki located at http://inporylem.com/codex/index.php?title=Main_Page

Come have fun in UO!!
30 Dec 2006
Neuchâtel, Switzerland
well, the people that work on the shard are not paid so there is a chance the shard will not be there forever, but the people behind this one are really serious and apparently worked 2 years on this before releasing.
5 Apr 2009
DLing now. I got the enhanced client first before reading the guide. Lol the classic is almost a gig and the enhanced is like 2mb. Guess you download from the client though. :p

Never played UO before but I'm not one to turn down a free game..
4 Apr 2004
Haven't played since my last dabble on TAR many many years ago (was an admin)

Must resist playing this!
9 Dec 2007
Honestly, as much as I urge everyone who hasn't before played it to give it a go you should expect a very hard uphill struggle and learning curve.. But ultimately the most in depth and rewarding mmorpg ever.
17 Aug 2007
Best MMO ever in my opinion, before MMOs were watered/dumbed down to appeal to the masses. Sadly though it wasn't just the game but also the people and their attitudes who played it that made it the greatest, and I can't recover those so I'll give this a miss. Stirs great memories though.
17 Aug 2007
And you're going to let that hold you back?

Not even have a nibble? :( I doubt it will shatter your memories of the game.

More a question of time restraints , I am already involved heavily in LoTRO, mass effect 2, bc2 and Titan quest. Just haven't got the time to get sucked into another mmo :)
30 Aug 2006
Think i remember why i couldnt get past the free trial, this game gives me a splitting head ache after 30 mins. :( Shame i really like it.