Unable to get HDMI audio working

3 Jan 2018
So I've recently been having to share my PC and G29 with my 4 year old, and tried getting HDMI audio working but can't get it to play ball.

Got a GTX 970 in an X470 Gaming Plus with HDMI audio drivers installed. The monitor (LG 29WK500) is listed in the HDMI audio output in the Nvidia control panel.

The monitor output shows in Windows, is selected, and troubleshooter shows no issues. All enhancements are off.

I know the audio in the X470 (Nahimic) can be a bit tricksy as it's been a pickle before, wondering if it's causing some conflict? If I set the output in Windows to the monitor, Nahimic also says my output is the monitor though.

I've reinstalled and updated drivers etc. Running out of ideas now! It's annoying because my motherboard can't have both my headset and 5.1 speakers plugged in as one of the ports must be used for both, so I have to unplug and plug in whichever I want to use.
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