Unfulfilled order

20 Aug 2008
After waiting close to 48 hours after placing my order I called the shop.

I was told that the item is out of stock and marked as EOL on the internal system.

I was offered a refund or to switch my item to another.

I requested a refund.

What is disappointing is that the item was in stock at the time I placed my order. I was allowed to go through with a finance application, which led to a hard credit search on my file.

The item continued to show as in stock after my application was accepted.

When when I spoke to the member of staff on the phone I asked them to double and triple check if the item really was end of life before cancelling my order. They insured me that the item would not be coming back in stock. However what is shocking is that the item is still available on your website for pre-order!
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