Unique/different pc cases with good airflow?

6 Nov 2004
My PC is in need of a huge overhaul I haven’t upgraded since 2013 and I’ve recently got back into gaming so want to change everything.

I’m holding off on buying components due to AMD releasing new GPU’s and CPU’s to see what they offer but I would like to sort everything else.

currently have a Silverstone FT03 although I like the look the airflow is abysmal.

What are the cases with unique designs out there that provide good airflow? I’m currently looking at Thermaltake P5/P90 as they can be wall mounted and could showcase my pc if I spec it right... are there any other popular good options? No real budget per se but I don’t want to drop £5,000 on an inwin case .

I’m leaning more towards the P5 as the P90 looks huge... any thoughts? It’ll be more than likely housing the next feb AMD cpu a 3080 or amd equivalent etc