Upgrade old S340 or new fans

18 Jan 2004
Sunny Scotland
So I have a prebuilt pc around 3 and half years old now. Running a i5 6400 (stock cooler) and a GTX1080 so nothing very taxing but the temps I get in this NZXT s340 are not amazing and it only has 2 fans both 120mm FN V2 Fans that came with it. 1 at the back and 1 at the top both exhausting.

cpu sits around 72 when gaming and the GTX180 about 80c and the case does get louder as the GTX fan kicks in a good bit as well.

So do I upgrade the case fans on the cheap? Will this make much of a difference or the design just poor as the front is solid so seems bad for air intake. I'm angling towards a new case for looks as well as fans been looking at the p500a non digital as well as the Cooler master master box TD500 mesh. I also like the look of the p500a white drgb but its a bit pricey at over 140.

Any suggestions appreciated.
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