upgraded from 4200x2 939 to sandybridge - benchmarks included

23 Feb 2006
Hi all,

I thought I would post some benchmarks showing the difference in hardware between my previous and current system as requested by some people in my previous upgrade spec thread here:

I thought this thread would be interesting, and hopefully useful for anyone else who's previous system was as obsolete as mine - to give a idea of the kind of performance boost an upgrade will bring,
as well as show how much my graphics card was being bottlenecked by my cpu.

I would have liked to have benchmarked games like Cyrsis etc but in the end I didn't have the time as the hardware didn't arrive in time at the weekend.

I ran the games in DX10 on win 7 rather than DX 9 (like I did on xp) as I didn't think it would make much of a difference anyway.

My graphics card is the only part of my previous system I kept.

previous system:
Athlon 4200 x2 (socket 939; OC @2.5Ghz)
asrock dual sata2 motherboard
2gb corsair XMS ddr 4000
Nvidea 460gtx (768mb)
win xp 32bit

Current system:
sandybridge i5-2500k @stock (3.3Ghz)
Asus p8P67 motherboard
8gb G.skill Ripjaw PC3-12800C9
Nvidea 460gtx (768mb)
Win 7 Ultimate 64bit

Cinebench 11.5 (default settings) I found the open GL score on this benchmark interesting as it shows the bottleneck that my AMD was to my graphics card: note over twice the score for openGL!

openGL: 22.53__________48.76
CPU: 1.09pts___________5.14pts

Metro 2033 (1024x768 med setting but 4xAF using official standalone benchmarking tool in metro directory) (in fps)

Minimum: 3.7___________9.7
Average: 12 (lol!)_______70
Maximum: 52.3_________151

Batman Arkham Asylum in game benchmark 1680x1050 (all high except physx accel at normal) (in fps)

Minimum: 14___________48
Average: 44___________92
Maximum: 86__________146

Doom 3: 1280x1024 ultra settings (with 8xFSAA timedemo1 using cache)

AMD: 2148 frame in 26.2 sec (82fps)-I can't make out my writing on this one but I think this is right!

Sandybridge: 2148 frames in 15.5 seconds (138.8 fps)

Resident Evil 5 (built in benchmarks 1280x720 shadows, textures, graphics high) (in fps)

Fixed: 17.3____________70
Variable: 38.6__________133.8

forgive all the underscores but it's the only way I can align the results on the same rows!
14 Nov 2009
I remember my 4400 + :D

Changed it to an E8400, then an I7 920.

This thread is not helping my upgrade-aholic rehabilitation, NO MORE UPGRADES :(