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US Military Dead

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by clv101, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. anarchist


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    Do you not realise that people all over the world are basically the same? Do you really think that your typical Iraqi/Iranian family man with job, wife, kids etc. spends all his time planning how to kill people in countries thousands of miles away? :)

    Yes, massive trauma, but very quick compared to a slow bleeding to death from a gunshot wound, or dying from massive burns or shrapnel injuries.

    Exactly my point, and yet you would no doubt condemn as barbaric any Iraqi that was found to be keeping American soldiers bodies as trophies. Double standards.

    Yip, one is one too many. And of course American soldiers never raped anybody did they...
  2. RaohNS


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    Death is death... agree?

    people are people/will be people agree?

    Not as many as Saddams henchmen, Saddams son had a new woman every night didnt he?

    >| Raoh |<
  3. Treefrog


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    What ratio? The number of deaths of each nationality in Iraq? It certainly won't be as a proportion of the population of each country.

    From @if's link:
    Wake up and smell the coffee! If the Iraqis are killed cleanly it somehow makes it better? There are already torture victims. Mk77, suffocated in a sleeping bag, electric shocks, beaten until internal organs fail - these are "clean"? Are you aware of the redefining of torture from Alberto Gonzales btw - that it isn't torture unless it produces pain equivalent to being about to die?
    This invasion (not war) was never just nor justified, it cannot be "still" just if it was never just to start with.
    You think that the < 5% of foreign fighters are "severely hampering", compared to the other ~95%?
    Speaking of Iranians, did you know that the Mujahadeen el-Khalk (MeK) are on the CIA list of known terrorist organisations, yet the very same CIA has funded them to operate against the Iraqi Sunnis? By any definition this makes the US guilty of funding terrorism.
  4. anarchist


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    If I listed all such similar examples, my post size would exceed the overclockers forum maximum length :)



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