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USB Music problem

Discussion in 'Optical Storage & Writing' started by DXP55, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. DXP55


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    Wasn't sure where to post this so here goes.

    Now I have a Android car radio with two USB ports I can put wife's music on one and mine on the other - So I put 5 albums on a stick- each one in a folder and in alphabetical order - - First trip out she says when first album finished it didn't start to play the second - She was not willing to slide and touch screen to find next album at 70 on M6 - So I then took tracks out of folders and numbered them from 1-125 - That way I thought she could hit shuffle and hear any track she wanted.

    It seems now that the tracks are not in numerical order any more - like tracks 1-2 114-75 etc - in numerical order she can press play and listen to Adele all through - not any more - I have the same music on another stick plugged into Roberts Internet radio in house and that has done the same.

    What have I done and what have I missed. - Is this a Android thing.
  2. bledd


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    Set the player to 'play all', not just lowest folder. Put the files back into album folders as they were before.

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