USB Resources

6 Feb 2011
Hi quick question I currently have a Z87 UD4H which support up to 10 USB 3.0, and i7 4770K

I ran into a usb resource issues, I think it mainly due to my Oculus, which is reportedly very resource heavy, so I have two sensors, headset, keyboard, mouse, SD card reader, Web cam, Printer and joypad all plunged in thats 9 slots (I do also have a capture device and of course usb stick that I occasionally attach and detached)

i do get the error on my oculus of too much usb resource, and also notice my mouse was stuttering when I had my printer on, so when I use my headset I have to unplug, sd card reader and make sure my printer off to avoid the error, two question,

Gigabyte claims up to 10 usb3.o port support and intel claims Z87 can support up to 14 usb ports so why is this happening?

Is this fixed / or will it be a problem on a z370 / z390 board? same set up (plan to upgrade in October) cheers.