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Valve announces the SteamDeck

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by DrCrabHands, 15 Jul 2021.

  1. Shawreyboy

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    Well the quoted res is 720p - don't think its been confirmed if it is 1280x720p / standard HD though. For the just portability and flexibility of gaming on the move, I would be happy with that. Had no issues playing games on the switch with an even lower res. It would be worth it for multiple platforms to open up like steam, xbox/gamepass/PS remote play and playing/streaming them when I'm mostly busy taking care of my little one and won't have time to properly sit down and game.

    I don't think it's an entry-level into PC gaming per se it would appear to be a different arc/movement in its own right. It's more of an extension of owning a PC to use on the go or for gamers who want a PC but can't yet afford the expense / suffering from lack of availability on higher-end hardware. It could act as a stop-gap.

    It's definitely not on par with a 2070 mobile that's definitely not what it is. The dev's quoted the power as being similar to base PS4 / Xbox one which isn't shabby at all in a handheld.
  2. Kenai


    Joined: 5 Apr 2009

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    The screen res is listed at 1280x800, which it'll be absolutely fine for, not disputing that, if that's what people want.

    The point I was making is that it's not really right to be looking at it as a £459 entry level gaming PC as was being suggested, it isn't that and I don't think it'll perform all that well if you dock it and want to run 1080p stuff.

    And if you are happy with a gaming PC that only runs stuff at 720p, then i'm sure you probably could buy one for £459 :p
  3. Sp00n


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    I am not the target market as I have no need for mobile gaming but I like it for what it is, good to see another name in the mobile gaming space other than Nintendo and Nvidia.

    Definitely gives me gamegear/lynx steam controller mashup vibes, seems quite large though, would be interested to get one in hand and see how it feels.
  4. Dyson


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    I've had the GPD Win 1, 2, and now I'm onto the Win Max - Absolutely amazing bits of kit. Looking to buy the Win 3 later in the year, but the Max is so great I'm in no rush. Playing GTA 5, Fallout 3, anything I've tried so far, on the move is perfect, my days of having a gaming PC are well over.
  5. uncle_rufus


    Joined: 14 Mar 2011

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    I love the look of it, unsure if I have enough of a use case for it right now but maybe someday in the future

    It's funny how easily they've taken a simple and basic step that all but destroys scalping for it - why didn't MS and Sony think of that?!

    Also fair play to them for not locking it down, allowing you to do what you want with it, even install EGS if you want - I wonder if Epic could be bothered to invest anything into the PC space would an Epic-produced handheld allow you to load up Steam if you wanted?

    Finally, the best name I have heard about for the Steam Deck by far is the "Steam GabeBoy" :D
  6. JJimmyJ


    Joined: 21 Jan 2010

    Posts: 473

    Ok, I know NVME etc is faster, but...it's got expandable storage, so chuck in a £30 1tb card and it makes the 512gb one a bit redundant? Probably me missing something...
  7. CaptainRAVE

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    Certainly a pricey piece of kit and that’s before the scalpers triple the price.
  8. Aegis


    Joined: 15 Sep 2009

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    Pre-orders should start in around 3 hours 30 mins. Gonna get the 256GB model - it'll be my portable Dead Space console :D
  9. Apex


    Joined: 12 Feb 2006

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    Location: Surrey

    interested. i can see this getting good use in the lounge when my partner is doing her thing on the tv and i want to chill with her.

    i'm shocked the name is allowed.

    sounds so similiar to streamdeck that i struggle to not call it that.

    glad to hear there are track pads on it, though looking at the video of it being used, the precision and speed of moving that a mouse allows, doens't look like it is there for the trackpad

    would be nice if it comes with a nintendo style dock.

    given nintendo make money not just on the console but also the games sold, i'm shocked that this device is priced as high as it is.

    64gb base storage is the most lame part of this device imo.

    the idea that you can play on the steamdeck, stop, then load up on pc and continue where you left off, is very neat.

    this isn't the first time i've seen portal used as an example of a game to play on some latest innovation. isn't this clear there they need to make more portal bloody games ffs?
    Last edited: 16 Jul 2021
  10. Spacedeck


    Joined: 14 Sep 2007

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    That only stops new accounts, doesn't mean it won't happen. There is always going to be them individuals who already have accounts like this who will simply just buy to sell on for profit.
  11. Shawreyboy

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 26 Jan 2009

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    Location: Salisbury, Wilts

    Then that is on them. At least there won't be a false market being driven high by scalpers initially buying all the stock (for 48hrs of initial orders anyway). There might be low uptake meaning anyone looking to sell for a profit is unlikely to as it could be readily available meaning scalping won't drive a supply/demand market.

    This is after all a niche product and many PC Gamers/Enthusiasts will readily look past this as it isn't relevant to them.
  12. Raymond Lin

    Capo Crimine

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    Location: Wish i was in .Lethal's house

    @Apex is right, I keep calling it Streamdeck but it's Steamdeck.

    I feel like there will be a little lawsuit on the cards.
  13. Random Guy Esq.


    Joined: 1 Jun 2014

    Posts: 4,076

    And ironically a new Stream Deck was announced by Elgato yesterday. :cry:

    Re: Valve's machine, the thing I want to know now is the price of the dock. I've seen one or two people talking like it comes with the Steamdeck... It doesn't.
  14. manic111


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    What if you've not got a gaming appropriate PC and want a good value way to dip into PC gaming without the faff of a build?
  15. shiver

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    Looks like something I've been waiting for, especially when work travel starts again
  16. smeemi


    Joined: 8 Jan 2010

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    Almost forgot about the preorder! 1hr 20 to go.
  17. hyperseven


    Joined: 1 May 2013

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    Seems you will be able to use current usb type c hubs and no doubt there will be prints available soon enough to incorporate them into a stand.
  18. eggyoke


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    Does anyone know if this will allow you to launch non-Steam games? Like from Uplay, Gog, Battlenet, Origin etc? Also can you install Windows as a 2nd OS instead of wiping the device?

    I'm so tempted but need more information.
  19. smeemi


    Joined: 8 Jan 2010

    Posts: 636

    Yes it is a pc and can run anything including windows. You could install windows onto a SD and boot off that yep or wipe the internal and install it there.
  20. malachi


    Joined: 27 Jun 2006

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    Dame, not available in my location :(

    Have to wait to whenever I can return back to the UK.