Valve Index, Radeon RX 580 and Adrenalin drivers

23 Aug 2012
Hi all,

I'm hoping someone else has run into a similar problem to this and figured out how to fix it.

I'm using a Valve Index, Radeon RX 580 8GB. Performance without installing AMD Adrenalin drivers is OK (not great, but it's fine while I'm waiting to upgrade to a 3080).

However, if I install any of the 2020 AMD Adrenalin drivers, my VR performance gets far worse, with stuttering and screen tearing. Some games like HL2: Alyx just get a bit worse, others like Racket Fury become totally unplayable.

I'd just uninstall the crappy Adrenalin drivers and carry on as before, but I'd like to play Star Wars Squadrons in VR, and it doesn't seem to work without 2020 drivers.

There are so many options in Adrenalin I don't even know where to start trying to fix the problem. I haven't turned anything "on", it just cripples my performance as soon as it's installed :(

Any suggestions gratefully received!
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