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Van Driving - First Time

Discussion in 'Motors' started by wndsr, 11 Mar 2014.

  1. d_brennen


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    Wait, the Yorkie bar isn't the rape kit?
  2. Millwall.FC

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    If driving through London in rush hour be very careful of boris bikes and scooters trying to over take you (Edit) on the inside (Edit) while you are turning left you cant always see them in your mirrors.
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  3. AS_Platinum

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    As a daily van driver. Be wary that everyone, and I mean everyone will do their up most to pull out in front of you!
  4. godinman


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    This is a good one, first time I did this I went to look out of the rear passenger window to see down the road and just got a face full of ply bulkhead, oops!
  5. Conscript


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    Remember to troll other drivers relentlessly - tailgate everyone in front of you, and if there's no one in front of you, make sure you crawl around at a a maximum of 20MPH to **** off those behind you.

    Also, file all of your paperwork by stuffing it between the windscreen and dashboard.
  6. Orionaut


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    Definitely +2

    Suddenly realising that you cannot see to pull out is actually quite scary, especially if there is a queue of traffic behind you :eek:

    The other thing is to get used to reversing with the wing mirrors! Most people are used to looking through the rear window and find using the mirrors difficult. It is easy enough to get the hang of, but you dont want to be practising for the first time in a busy town centre.

    (Hint, Adjust the NS mirror so that you can see the rear wheel and bumper)

    Oh, And watch the height! Mind those multi-story car parks etc that you would otherwise take for granted! :D

    Funnily enough I have generally found the opposite (Mind, My van is old and rather tatty! :D )

    But you do have to watch out for suicidal cyclists who somehow manage to convince themselves that Van drivers wear their Y fronts outside their trousers and can thus see them through the solid steel sides of the vehicle whilst they creep past on the nearside while you are trying to make a left turn! :mad:

    (You also have to watch out for peds/cyclists who are somehow surprised at the idea that when they stand right behind you they cannot be seen!)
  7. AshD93

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    Make sure all your takeaway wrappers are jammed between the windscreen and dash.

    Make sure you drive as close as possible to the guy in front.

    Make sure you push into every queue possible.

    And then make sure when you park, it's at a angle to block other road users :)
  8. bazzabear


    Joined: 2 Nov 2013

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    Be aware of its size, and you'll be fine.

    Width, length, and especially wheelbase.

    If you're turning a tight left at low speed, be aware of where your rear left wheel is. In a car, it's pretty close behind the front one, so there's not much to worry about. But in a van with a long wheelbase, you can find the rear wheel describing a much tighter circle, and can easily end up mounting a kerb.
  9. Kenai


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    And be aware that as a result, unless you elect to speed everywhere, you will be tailgated almost constantly and be the victim of numerous dodgy overtakes from people who think you're just being a dick as you drive along a single carriageway NSL road at 50.
  10. mattyfez


    Joined: 12 Apr 2007

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    Pretty easy and quite fun when you get used to the size, you need to pay a lot more attention to your mirrors, you cant just glance over your shoulder like a car, as you'll just be looking at the inside of the van! you have significant blind spots to consider compared to your average car, so you will become more aware of your surroundings using only the wing mirrors, especially on a motorway you'll find you become much more aware of the behaviour and speed traffic behind you in order to overtake safely.

    Just take your time and plan ahead and you'll be fine, it's a good learning experience that will force you to sharpen up any lazy car habits you may have picked up.
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  11. Orionaut


    Joined: 2 Aug 2012

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    Yep|! That Too!

    In particular watch out for Police cars!

    I have driven for over 30 years and the only serious persistent tailgater's (As a Van driver) I have experienced are actual Police vehicles when I have been sticking to 50 on roads where I am not permitted to travel faster! :confused:

    (Bloody stupid rule mind! If a bog standard transit can do the Nurburg in 10 mins (Done! Fifth gear/top-gear/whatever! cant remember what episode) then a modern van is capable of what any normal car is capable of! :mad: )
  12. K.C. Leblanc


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    Another tip, make sure you're got rope, or straps or even elastic bungees to stop your load moving about and getting damaged. Old blankets are also hand to protect things.

    And remember to empty the van when you return it to the hire company, I was chatting to a guy at Enterprise about this. He'll had a van returned with a sheep in the back!
  13. OhEsEcks


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  14. Hagar


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    My first car was a Bedford 17cwt van.
  15. TwoSaints


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    Make sure you buy a copy of the mirror or similar folded up on the dashboard and a couple of empty coffee cups, nothing fancy though, Greggs or similar should do. Also preferably make sure the back doors are dirty enough to write 'also available in white' in the dirt.
  16. 4T5

    Man of Honour

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    Also buy a McDonalds & put the bag on the dash so the Police think you are having lunch rather than in the back of the van chopping up your latest victim.