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Very basic lightworks question

Discussion in 'Photography & Video' started by almoststew1990, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. almoststew1990


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    I have some 640*480 video in lightworks. When I export it, it comes out as 16:9 with black bars either side. :(

    The project details is listed as "PAL 4:3" (All the video comes from a SD composite PAL 25fps device). In the preview windows, the video is 4:3 and is not stretched or squished. Titles I add with an "x position" of 90% fit well within the video preview.

    I export to either youtube or H264 as "480p" and the video comes out at 16:9 with black bars either side. What is interesting is the title text has shifted further to the side so that is half on and half off the video (i.e. x position of 90% for a 16:9 format video). I've checked the output video and it is 854 *480

    Any ideas how I can force it to stay at 4:3?

    (this is my first dabbling in Lightworks)