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Virgin rumours???

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by james18212, 25 Aug 2010.

  1. Psycho Sonny

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    why cant they give us better upload speeds?

    i need them for gaming, e.g. when im host on ps3.
  2. Cycrow


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    they are :p

    10% of the download, so a 50mb will get 5mb up
  3. FreeStream


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    According to Wikipedia EuroDOCSIS 1.x supports up to 50Mb down, so you 20Mb could in theory go to 50Mb down!?

    Unless im reading Wikipedia (and assume Wikipedia is correct) wrong...
  4. Duke

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  5. k3vst3r


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    Cause opens up way more bandwidth to them especially upload bandwidth, better use of the cables, available channels an stuff plus opens up channel bonding. The new modems they supplied 50mbps customers with, support 4 channels an each channel is 50mbps, if you look at your modem page settings you'll notice only 1 channel is enabled an the other 3 channels are locked, all they will have do to launch 100mbps is unlock the 2nd channel an so on an so forth right upto 200mbps. To get to 400mbps they probably will have send out new modems again which support 8 channels, then basically channel bond to get upto 8 channel which would be 400mbps.
  6. Jayster


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    Its like wireless standards just because its a theoretical max does not mean it can be done.
  7. Garfo

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  8. PistolPete


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  9. asim18


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    They can keep their damn free upgrade. What's the point if my CMTS is overloaded?

    They are a complete joke. The Ryan Air of the ISPs.

    After 30 minutes on hold, with him trying to find a fault at my end, he finally admitted there's a known fault at their end. Why couldn't he just divulge that the second I phoned them instead of wasting 30 minutes of my life? Then he said it would be fixed at 8:15 on 28th Oct. Biggest load of BS of the century. It's 18:54 now and it's still royally ****ed.
  10. BlackDragon


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    If only it were possible for me. I pay for UPTO 20Mb, quoted 4.5Mbps, and my line is only stable enough to provide 1.5Mbps if I'm lucky. Pretty disgusting given that I'm in a well populated area.
  11. simon22


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    So let's say that 10Mb users get upgraded to 20Mb, what would the upload be then? Would it stay the same as it is now for the 20Mb users, or maybe the 10Mb upload and 20Mb upload will be combined together?

    That's my hypothesis, what's yours?
  12. Surveyor


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  13. asim18


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  14. Zaim


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    well if 10 get upgraded to 20 and 20 to 50 that would be awesome. as for upload speeds everyone is getting a free upgrade:

    10mbit dl - 1mbit ul
    20mbit dl - 2mbit ul
    50mbit dl - 5mbit ul
    100mbit dl - 10mbit ul

    Mines been done:


    check here for more information:

  15. Participant


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    They won't.

    It'll be

    M 10Mb
    L 20Mb
    XL 50Mb
    XXL 100Mb