Vista and Xp dual boot problem

13 Jan 2007
I have a pc with 2 harddrives and im after getting vista through work which i have installed on the 2nd harddrive ( with xp on the first harddrive ). I want to get rid of of xp or at least make that partition smaller and use the rest of the drive for storing files ( I use my laptop for with xp work). .

Well i seemed to **** up xp altogether now, i used partitionmagic to resize the xp C partition which it did, but its after moving the the partition to around 160gb (there was 180gb free space). When i now try and boot xp it says ntldr is missing. Vista still boots fine and the xp partition looks fine when looking at through vista and the ntldr file is in c:/i386 . So i take it, its not booting xp because this and other files are not in the same place on the harddrive.
I dont want to have to reinstall vista as I have it up and running fine with all my needed programs installed.

Would a format of the xp harddrive and reinstallation of xp solve the problem, and then use the vista dvd repair option to patch the bootmanager or whatever it does?. Hopefully someone understands what i mean above

ps: how can I completely format the harddrive which has xp on it as i get a blue screen when trying the xp install setup as there must be something wrong with that harddrive because of what i did above.