Vista annoyances, how to remove?

17 Mar 2006
ah right thanks. I managed to find that myself. I've disabled Security centre and Windows Defender but icons pop up in the taskbar telling me they're disabled. No really? :rolleyes: so how do I remove them?

Windows memory usage is around 635 in idle. hmm I think XP is considerbly lower than that. I've disabled quite a few services too. I have 40 running.

My XP machine has around 300MB memory use during idle.

Had a play with the Vista Media Centre, does 2x to 32x fast forward and rewind work yet? In Media Portal it has this feature, but I'm having problems with AC-3 playback in AVI's. With the MC it works, but fast forward doesn't work like MP speed, probably 2x at the best. Rubbish! :rolleyes:

Just tried it, Vista MC fast forward is rubbish, probably 2x again, the skip > skips about 30 seconds or so every button press. But no variable fast forward and rewind! :rolleyes:

Also trying to get auto-login to work.

Is there a XP Anti-spy util available for Vista? To get rid of pop up balloons
Or TweakUIXP like util? Useful for setting up user login and other things
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26 Dec 2004
Click the icon in your sys tray and click on each one and check the box that sys something like "I monitor this myself" and the icons from the sys tray go.
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