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w9970 with asus rt router guide?

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by MagicUK, 8 Nov 2020.

  1. MagicUK


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    Hello all,

    ive recently bought a 9970 with talk talk fttc service, all is well now but im getting warning of plex of double nat and also on my asus router my wan ip shows:

    Internet status:
    WAN IP:

    can anyone know a guide to put the 9970 in modem mode only and have the asus as my router?

    ive got bt wholehome mesh disks plugged into the asus router and thats working fine, just want to make sure ive done it all correctly, ive just selected vdsl talk talk on the drop down list? ive got the ethernet cable from the 9970 plugged from lan1 to the wan port on the asus n66.
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