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Warranty on gigabyte Gaming black OC 1080ti

23 May 2006
Hi I bought this from here in Oct 2018..

It's been a cracker and still working great however the time has come to consider selling.

It would appear like a fool I failed to register it for the 4 year extended warranty. I have read conflicting info on the standard warranty length of this GPU
Is it 2 years (in which case it's out of warranty) or is it 3 (in which case it has 9 months remaining.

Also is the warranty transferable or would. Ihave to cover it?

Many thanks.
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26 Feb 2010
Not sure about the Gigabyte but the Aorus 1080ti extreme was 3 years and 4 if you registered it.
Don't think it's transferable, I sold mine and told the guy to message me if it broke and we'll work something out.
22 Apr 2014
Cornwall, UK
Hey my Gigabyte 3080 was (before I opened it up) 4 years after registration, 1 year RMA through the place you purchased it, then you need to email gigabyte after the first year and deal with them. I'm going to guess be say procedure is still the same from then?

As long as you've still got your invoice for proof of purchase (you'll need it for RMA I believe), also you can see the exact date you purchased it.
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