WayAhead.com, SeeTickets.com... and anyone for Dresden Dolls?

18 Oct 2002
First off, the disclaimer: All of this is my own stupid fault :D

Second off, The Dresden Dolls are playing two Scotland gigs, this year: 4th May in Edinburgh, 5th in Glasgow. I found out about these a few months ago and am the reason several friends are now going. Glasgow gig sold out weeks ago, good thing we were leaning toward the Edin one.

The backstory of this post: I've had to leave the procurement of tickets a little late for finacial reasons. These reasons led me to check up on tickets for the Edin gig this afternoon, at which time there were plenty. Now, silly me thinks to myself "I'm meeting up with peeps tonight, so I'll leave it 'til then to make sure they're going and buy my ticket when I get home [from the pub]."

Big Mistake™

I get home at 2ish, hit the CPL website to buy my ticket... blamo... Sold Out.

"I know!" methinks, "Google will save my butt!"

This leads us to the real meat of this post:

Do this site, and this site look like they have anything in common?

Can you see where this is going?

I, in all my wisdom, decide to hedge my bets and buy a tecket from both, seemingly seperate, companies - the intent to see which one is posted first and cancel the other. A seemingly sound plan?

Imagine my surprise when the confirmation emails come from the same address. Almost had a heart attack.

So, I may or may not have a ticket, I may or may not have two tickets, I may or may not be a total muppet :p

The harsh reality: if I'd just bothered myself to send a couple of SMS/IM this after noon, I'd have a ticket waiting for my in Thursday night. :mad:
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