WD 1TB or Seagate 1.5TB

12 Oct 2008
I'm in two minds, not sure which drive to go for and was wondering if anyone had any advice, I have narrrowed it down to ;

1. Western Digital WD10EADS 1TB Retail + ICy Box IB-390 3 year Warranty

2. Seagate 1.5TB Barracuda ST31500341AS Retail + ICy Box IB-390 5 year warranty

I'd prefer to go for the Seagate as it gives me a massive 1.5TB capacity, along with a 5 year warranty, but the question is, will the ST31500341AS stay cool in the Icy Box enclosure ?

I've seen that it already runs fairly warm at 45c and reading the sticky thread about safe tempertures, this seems abit on the high side.


Mitigating that, the drive will be used as a backup HDD, and will be switched off when not in use (more often than not). I have seen that Seagate have pulled it off in their Seagate 1.5TB FreeAgent Xtreme (possibly using the same drive ?) but I just prefer the IcyBox enclosure.

Would I be OK going for the Seagate 1.5TB or should I play it safe with the Western Digital WD10EADS (but I want the 1.5TB one!).