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Website features that appeal to female visitors?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cromulent, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. mrbazmondo


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    So true it hurts
  2. Glanza


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    Popups offering them ways to view their partners facebook or instagram chats.
  3. mrbazmondo


    Joined: Apr 10, 2008

    Posts: 914

    Make sure the popup has kittens
  4. TacticalFish


    Joined: May 6, 2016

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    No idea why, but I always imagined you as an old man :p
  5. String


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    A zigazig ah. They really, really, really want that.
  6. CaptainComedy

    Perma Banned

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    Right. Prepare for the ultimate guide to female web development.

    Note 1 - JAVASCRIPT EVERYWHERE - the demand in the applets they will want means your site will be 90% javascript, 10% useful.
    Note 2 - It doesn't matter if it's user friendly, if it doesn't look pretty, they don't care.

    with that said:

    Background - Needs to be a live video of their webcam so they can see themselves. b****** love a good mirror.
    PICTURES! - Need to be of unrealistically good looking women, with excellent photoshop application to make them look even more unrealistic, because you can't dream about being average!
    Layout - Don't worry about reducing mouse clicks, every click is like picking up a new item of clothing, they love it! embrace the clicks!
    Audio - From all the excitement that men cannot comprehend, you need to provide an audio experience that calms the mind and makes them want to take up yoga. Do this for bonus points.
    Checkout process - probably the most difficult part, must autopopulate everything so the transaction can be as forgetful as possible! Nobody likes regret, so forget about it!

    On a serious note, you don't design to the gender, you design to the topic - In this case, clothing.
  7. something daft already!!


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    Anything which features washing up or cooking is bound to draw in the ladies. They really like flowers and cute furry animals too.
  8. Devrij


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    Location: Bath

    I reckon a male dominated forum is not a great place to ask. Why not start a thread on mums net and ask them what they like, what things bug them about a site.

    Build a couple personas of your target audience and try to imagine their journey through your site.

    Eg: Jane the time starved mum. She likes things to be quick and easy. Features like repeat orders are great for her. She likes being thrifty so looking through sale items specifically and sorting by price are a must. Etc.

    Sophie the trendy 20something professional, status conscious, disposable income, but not much. Spends a lot of time on social media

    Try to imagine how they will find your site, what they are looking for, how you want them to experience it etc.
  9. Roar87


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    Location: Leeds

    Probably because what Women say they want and what market research shows they actually go for are completely different things
  10. mrbazmondo


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  11. VincentHanna


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    Fixed that for you
  12. Jambo


    Joined: Aug 4, 2004

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    I run an ecommerce website aimed at a female audience and there isn't really any features that are specifically desired by women in my experience.

    I would say product reviews (including customer photos/videos) and social media links but this applies to most ecommerce sites anyway.
  13. joey1211


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    Why would she need two?

    :confused: :eek: :) :D
  14. NoobCannon


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    One for each entrance
  15. subbytna


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    Colour will be the main factor for you to consider. Warm colours appeal to women. Triggers a state of mind that can be used to get the sale.

  16. grimm


    Joined: Dec 14, 2009

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    Pint for the gentleman, glass of white wine or fruit-based beverage for the lady. Those are the rules.
  17. Acme


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    You're making me all flustered. :p

    Also your feet are like, a size 3,000.
  18. chaparral


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    I have also noticed this....

    It seems to be there favourite place for taking selfies....:D
  19. Cromulent


    Joined: Nov 1, 2007

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    I asked my sister to make a post on Mumsnet on my behalf. Although GD has been extremely helpful (as always), I think a second opinion might be required. If that fails, I'll go with the discounted vibrators.
  20. [FnG]magnolia


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    Woah, Tefal is super hot!