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weird X1900XT glitch... PSU trouble ?

11 Mar 2004
on certain websites and when i use microsoft word, my pc locks up. i have concluded its the graphics card causing this as i had no such troubles when i had a 7800GT nor X1800XT and there is also the clue of the thin broken colourful lines that start appearing in microsoft word just before the system goes black screen on me.

gaming is fine, not a problem at all. 3dmark scores are good, temperatures fine, the driver cab was properly cleaned before i installed the latest omega drivers so i dont have a clue whats up...

the only thing i can come up with is my power supply?? its a 400 watt Akasa true blue psu, the 12v ratings on the side read:

+12V1:14Amps +12V2 15amps

this confuses me as 14 amps or 15 amps on their own doesnt sound like much for an X1900XT but does the psu combine these some how ? if so then surely 29 Amps and 400 watts would be enough...

also if it is the PSU why isnt it having trouble playing games where most power is expended ?? :confused:
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