What are your favourite or unique guitar chords/chord progesssions?

9 Jul 2004
Thought it would be a good idea for people to share some of their unique chords that they enjoy playing, or some nice progressions that seem to fit perfectly. :)

My uncle has gotten back into writing his own stuff and he really enjoys hearing some of the chords that i have learnt over the past few months, and vice versa as we dont see eachother too often.

I'll start:

(First > Last) This can be strummed or picked. :)

--0-----0-----0----------- E
--0-----0-----0-----0----- e

Post away ;)
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24 Sep 2005
Blimey, so many... none are my own if thats what the thread intended...
I wasn't entirely convinced by the third chord in that one, dunno anyone else think the same?

My favourites....

Drop D:

-2--7---9----10 ----7----7-------2------2

Sorry for the aweful slantyness! Play each for just under two seconds... can anyone recognise it? :)

Oh and it goes without saying:


Oh and the 'Ooooooooo, oooooooo ,ooooooo' bit that sounds like monks chanting in paranoid android. Genius!

Which from, the top of my head is decending fromt he 8th fret...

Cm, B, A^, Am, Dm, A, Dm, A, A^, Am, Gm, Fm, E, A

Last two chords go on twice as long as the others...

^ Represents sharp, as I can't find the symbol for it on this laptop... :/
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24 Sep 2005
starscream said:
Yep. Forgot to add the chord variations but I can't be arsed to put them in. I never thought four chords could say so much until this. Just the way the minor chord takes the sort of 'happy-vibes' away at the last moment...

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Man of Honour
7 Nov 2002
The Winchester
My current favourite is for a song I wrote a few months back; one of those things where you're just messing around and it suddenly falls into place. Never got round to recording it but will do soon. I'll record just the guitar chords when I get home to give a general idea. It goes:

Intro: E♭m D Cm E♭m D G

Verse: G B7 C Cm x2, G Em Cm E♭m D

Bridge: Em C D

Chorus: G B7 Em Em7 G D Cm E♭m D

Middle 8: Em Em7 G A C Cm

Looks like a mess but sounds great. :)
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