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What does your car say about you?

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Le Clandestin Brun, 7 Sep 2021.

  1. ttaskmaster


    Joined: 11 Sep 2013

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    Depends which website you look at. Combining several of them gives me...

    "Not only are Skoda drivers more likely to own a dog, they also have an untidy car. Expect to find them eating the thick Scottish soup Cullen Skink as they read The Daily Telegraph"
    Well, we do have three dogs, but that's about it. Car is fairly clean and tidy, but gets messed up on a regular basis.

    "Gender: Male
    Age: 60-plus
    Region: Northern Scotland
    Profession: Military and Defence, Engineering, research and development or energy and utilities
    Sports: Sailing
    Hobbies: Trekking/hiking, gardening, bird watching, photography
    Shops at: Co-op, Aldi"

    Male, born in Northern Scotland but lived South England for most of it, Military, Eng and Utilities, used to like hiking... but I can't afford a boat and I ******* hate Aldi and Co-op, almost as much as I hate ASDA.

    "You’re a practical person who likes to keep busy and help those around you out as much as possible. But you also have a tendency to procrastinate, which can lead to your life being untidy and disorganised".
    Yes, yes, yes, sometimes and only in some respects. I'm quite organised in other matters.

    "You divide your film watching between absolute classics like 2001: A Space Odyssey and One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest, and Aardman animations Shaun the Sheep and The Wrong Trousers. You also love to learn with a bit of University Challenge or Human Universe"
    Films... classics, yes, but also sci-fi b-movie oddities and crap 80s flicks.

    "Favourite trio? Crosby, Stills and Nash. Favourite duo? Simon and Garfunkel. Favourite solo? Mariah Carey."
    **** right off, to all three!!!!!!!
  2. Housey

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 21 Feb 2006

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    Right now, "this guy must have lost his bucket and sponge.....or run out of water".
  3. Dis86


    Joined: 23 Dec 2011

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    Location: Northern England

  4. kaiowas


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

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    Location: Castle Anthrax

    Volvo XC70 - Dog in the boot, kids in the back, Werthers in the glovebox. All very comfortable, safe and sensible.

    Reality - No dog, no kids, back seats rarely even get used but it’s really good for towing the extensively modified, no driver aids, 80s deathtrap, Japanese track car around.

    Got plans for a full on mid-life crisis in the next few weeks though so it could all change if it comes off.
  5. Malevolence


    Joined: 21 Oct 2011

    Posts: 17,762

    Nothing, because as of this morning I don't have a car anymore. :mad::(:mad::(:mad:
  6. inflames

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 15 Oct 2016

    Posts: 1,048

    2011 Passat CC.

    Says family man, no dogs, didn’t want a boring a Passat, so bought a stylish boring Passat because he could not get a Mercedes CLS that he actually wanted at the time.
    Last edited: 7 Sep 2021
  7. LizardKing


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

    Posts: 7,859

    Location: The Land of Roundabouts

    Red c class merc with beige leather. It's a grandad wagon through and through. Elegance model for those extra grandad points!

    On the other side of the drive is a gto tt, not really sure where this sits these days, used to be one for the open chest medallion wearing womanisers (in their dreams at least). Probably more for the guy who wanted a supra but couldn't afford one :D

    Reality late 30s with 2 young kids, and tbh there's probably an element of truth to the gto/supra canotation when I first bought but I've had it so long now it's just part of the furniture.
  8. JRS


    Joined: 6 Jun 2004

    Posts: 17,913

    Location: Burton-on-Trent

    An almost 12 years old Kia Soul diesel in 'Cocktail Orange'/baby **** brown, grubby and scratched outside but clean inside and pretty well-maintained mechanically.

    I expect it says I don't give a crap about style, handling, powaaaaarrr, soft-touch interior plastics and other such things in a daily driver and instead care rather more about inexpensive motoring, being able to get in and out without hurting my back, and space once inside.

    Which is useful, since that's exactly what it's for.

  9. iamdjdz


    Joined: 24 Nov 2006

    Posts: 4,667

    White 320d touring m sport which suggests I'm a mid level exec with a company car and a white lexus ct200h which suggests I'm either a 70 year old who thinks he's 20 or a boy racer wannabe who thinks he's posh. I'll let you decide if any are accurate.
  10. NathWraith


    Joined: 11 Dec 2005

    Posts: 11,234

    Location: Cheshire

    C63 AMG - takeaway owner
    Honda NSX - can't afford a ferrari
    Honda CRZ - boy racer (cos of the wing & exhaust innit)
  11. ianh


    Joined: 12 Jul 2007

    Posts: 6,232

    Location: Norfolk.

    Audi RS6 - A **** who'll be one inch off my bumper :D

    Modified to make it louder and faster - A utter **** I can now hear 3 streets away :D

    My main though process was "I'm a fat man so I need a 'big' car - Mondeo, A6, 5 Series etc - so I don't feel squashed in, and I like to go fast so I'll need something quick plus I'm always filling my car with random crap doing tip runs etc so an estate would be handy" - Ah RS6, the perfect car for me and my needs :D

    Ideally I'd have a two car garage, an A6 estate so everyday and a Caterham or similar for weekend hooning but I've never had the opportunity.
  12. geekman


    Joined: 28 Sep 2012

    Posts: 3,610

    Location: Monterrey, Mexico

    Lincoln MKZ - old man
    Jag XJ - very old man
    F-150 - poor old man

    I’m 27, so I get a lot of lot of funny looks when out and about in them. Jag attracts the most attention by far though, up to and including people asking for photos with it.
  13. Rroff

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 13 Oct 2006

    Posts: 78,340

    Not sure what mine say about me - mostly drive a ~6 year old previous generation Nissan Navara pickup which was the top spec w/ V6. It generally gets a range of reactions, some quite nasty, but almost always get a reaction. Weirdly enough it is quite a hit with the ladies but guys especially those who are better off and drive nicer, newer, cars than me tend to give me a lot of attitude which I don't get when driving a VW Golf or Tiguan (which is the other kind of stuff I drive).

    I'm a pretty average 40 year old, average looks, average wage, etc. (probably look more like a VW Golf driver) I'm not even into big trucks, etc. I just spent a bit of time in one in the states and found I actually quite like them - it is purely bought for my own amusement (that and with my life I kind of need a vehicle which is a good compromise able to do a lot of things not badly rather than 1-2 things well but compromised for other stuff so a pickup actually worked out nicely - I don't just drive it for the fun of it).

    EDIT: I do get the impression some think drug dealer/breaking bad LOL.
    Last edited: 8 Sep 2021
  14. Haggisman


    Joined: 6 Oct 2004

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    Location: Birmingham

    My first thought as well :D

    Fixed :p
  15. Jonnycoupe


    Joined: 19 Oct 2002

    Posts: 13,951

    Location: N.Warks

    In terms of perception

    Insight - lentil eating vegan hippy just with added quirk.
    Mini Countryman Cooper S - mum wagon for the wife.
    IPACE - PCP junkie but atleast he chose a colour.
  16. dave28

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 28 Jun 2013

    Posts: 1,446

    2006 Clio 1.4 16v Prestige that i paid 2500 for in an auction 9 years ago.

    It says im a tight git who doesnt like to waste 5 figure sums of money through devaluation.
  17. ahar

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 6 May 2011

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    Location: Nr Watford

    Caterham? Probably middle aged, mid life crisis.

    Hmm, spooky.....
  18. paradigm


    Joined: 26 Aug 2003

    Posts: 36,988

    Location: Staffordshire

    2017 BMW 440i Convertible. Either describes me as a poser (I don’t care what others think I look like), or a 40+ something woman, the type who never EVER opens their convertible roof, but yet HAD to have a convertible. Neither situation is true, I have the roof off so long as it’s not raining or snowing, I’m a late 30s bloke with a young family who all come out in the car with me, for roof off drives.

    2004 MK1 TT V6 Convertible. No idea what this one screams, probably chav or “nail technician”. I’m again neither. This car is currently SORN whilst I get the car as refreshed as possible, I don’t see me ever getting shot of it.

    2018 VW Passat GTE estate. This one screams of only being driven because of low BIK for a company car driver who is always on the road, pushing their carpet samples. But in reality it’s owned outright, driven by an early 30s mum of two mostly, and spends 90% of its life driving on electricity, indeed I’ve only put fuel into it this week after filling it in the middle of May when I bought it.

    I’m currently also the owner of a 2012 Honda Jazz 1.4 CVT Ex. This one screams OAP, and indeed was my mothers until she couldn’t drive any longer. Not sure what I’m doing with this one yet, but as I’m considering changing the 440i for an i8, this might become my daily whilst I consider either waiting on the market dropping or for the right car to come along.
  19. bimbleuk

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 10 Sep 2009

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    Location: Gloucestershire

    2 year old Model 3
    Cybertruck on pre-order (not that it will be available here)

    Work in IT - Tick
  20. bazzabear


    Joined: 2 Nov 2013

    Posts: 3,204

    Well my car is a C63, so I guess it's saying I've got a small willy.

    But it's completely unmodified, so at least it's not saying I'm a drug dealer, or a rapper who's just waiting for that big break.