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What to do – motorcycle insurance woes

Discussion in 'Biker's Cafe' started by Scort, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. Scort


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    Just a quick one I thought I’d share:

    I renewed my insurance policy in November; I went wit the same insurer (broker?) I have been since my first bike – Express Insurance, as they gave me the best deal on all three occasions, the most recent also gave me NBC protection as I went with the same company (Red Star), which is good as I only have two years NCB and they said you normally need five for protection.

    I digress.

    Anyway, the policy kicks in, in December and all is well, that is until I review my documents and notice two discrepancies – my NCB is showing as one and should be two, and my bike is listed as unmodified when it has been; the last policy had the initial modifications declared and the remainder were added and declared ready for the new policy.

    So (in early December), I telephone the customer care line and get through to someone after holding for ages – I state the issue I have and am told not to worry, hey have everything on file and their system is showing I do indeed have two year no claims and a bunch of modifications to my bike – good, I think!

    Now, scroll forward to February and I’m reading a post about insurance (on here I think) and someone mentions about declaring accidents, and an answer to the posters questions was that you need to declare everything, regardless of it being bike or car! **** I didn’t know that (I don’t claim often!), so I decide I would kill three birds with one letter…

    I break out a highlighter pen and mark my documents with the issues I previously raised; I then include a letter stating that I had failed to declare a car accident, due to that part being unclear, and provided details of the accident (non fault, cat. C etc), I also provided a list of all of my modifications. Letter posted.

    So, about three weeks roll by and I’ve still not heard anything, so I decide to email the address provided on my renewal paperwork, I explain all the issues I have and give as much detail as possible. Email sent. A week goes by and nothing, not a bean, so I triple check the email address and the website lists something completely different to their paperwork, so forward my email to that, but also cc the renewals address – that was over three weeks ago now and I’ve still heard zip!

    Tonight I decided that enough is enough and I have forwarded my last email on to the customer complaints department, whish sadly is one of the addresses I already used – I stated that I now wish to make a formal complaint and have demanded they contact me on email or phone, to acknowledge receipt, within one working day – their site sates 5, but I highlighted to total lack of response to-date a good reason to treat this differently.

    I guess the old saying rings true – you get what you pay for!

  2. Scythe


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    I started my policy with Express on the 20th, luckily all the paperwork they sent through was correct to my understanding, gonna have a quick read through now!
  3. Wolfchild


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    Using same insurers after current ones would not change to my new S3 from old one! madness as was almost at tail end of policy. So now insuring both when only wanted one.

    Anyway, they got the cc wrong and i called up and after they blamed me for that, i pointed out there website only allows you to put in reg, model and model year and thus was there site that calculates the cc. Quick apology and new docs sent out showing the correct cc. Not too shabby service.

    Think your having bad luck more than anything.

    Now dont get me started on vodafone customer service!
  4. Scort


    Joined: Feb 28, 2006

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    Location: No longer riding an Italian

    Just got off of the phone with the muppets, I decided that going by their past form; they would likely ignore my email, so I called them directly.

    After holding for an immense amount of time, I got through to a very nice lady, who promptly told me that no ‘Team Leaders’ were available, but that she would try to help – so I reeled off all the history and all I got back from her was a brief list of modifications; missing most I had declared!

    I finally got them to reply with notification that they had received my email, even though I was told they couldn’t access them as it is forwarded onto the head office!

    It makes be bloody laugh, here I am doing my best to keep within the rules/laws, trying multiple ways of contacting them to ensure everything is correct, and the reception I seem to be getting from them is that they cannot be bothered!

    Insurance – grrrrrrrrrr!
  5. VFR_KID


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    I had a strange one. I took out my first ever bike policy in october last year. went on one of these comparison sites and took the cheapest with no frills. at that time i wasnt interested in cover for other bikes so didnt take it. Now after being offered the shot of 2 fireblades and a Daytona 955i I thought hmm Maby could do with this. So phones my insurance company. (Some funny talking group from Elgin)

    Asked to have it added, "no you need to be 25" however, when i did my quotes the same company offered it further down the list at a higher rate. so im now condused as to how i cant get it,

    Doing some quotes the other day as i have been offered a swap of the VFR for the Daytona 955i as the guy cant use it as he says its to fierce. so goes online to get quotes (Which are just plain ludicrous 1k Full comp) to find the same company again offering me the other bike cover.

    Maby im dumb but how can they offer you it if you need to be 25 and i clearly put in im 23? or is it a case of "Computer error" and i find out if i ever did have an accident on a mates bike?