What To Doody-Do? I Have No Clue

10 Dec 2003
So, here I am in China and I'll be here until July 17th 2007 at which point I should be on a plane home. I've already been here 7 weeks and, although I like the job, I don't want to do it for any longer than my current contract.

1. I don't have a degree, and I'm not sure if I want/need one.
2. I don't want to go back home to my home city and just pick-up where I left off; it will just lead me back into bad habits, possibly.
3. I don't mind staying out here for a few years.
4. I know for sure that I want to start on some kind of career path.

Now, the one area that I'm sure I've settled on is Design, whether that be for advertising, business, online etc. More specifically, incorporating my love of languages here, International Marketting Design.

Now... I'm totally lost. I could test the market here in China, work self-employed and declare all my earnings to the government and do that for a few years.

I could go home and get a degree but, really, I'm not very big on that idea. I could also go back home and do the same thing in China, but I'd definitely want to relocate to somewhere other than my home city. This means I would need a decent job to pay for rent, food and other living costs and, without a working portfolio, that ain't gonna work.

I know China could be and probably is the best place for this kind of thing at the moment, due to the booming economy.

I dunno, I'm not entirely lost or worrying at the moment, but I'm trying to plan ahead for once. Does anyone have any opinions or suggestions which may help? Even if you think they won't, tell me anyway.


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