What type of storage device do I need?

3 Nov 2009
Apologies if this should be in another part of the forum. Basically I am purchasing a new pc soon. What I want to do is put certain games onto my new pc.

The main ones are WOW, Guild Wars 2 and a few other mmos. I'd rather not download them again, due to the many hours I have put in to configuring settings and addons. I assume I would need roughly 60 gig of programmes.

Would I be best getting a 64 gig USB stick?

I'm not to computer savvy but if for example I want to fully backup WOW, do I just drop the main WOW file and my CURSE file into the drive and then extract them both to my new SSD drive?

Would everything then just load up straight away with all my previous settings and addons or am I missing something?

Any help is appreciated. Is it as simple as I hope it is?
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