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What YouTube motoring channels, what are you watching?

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Mr Jack, 1 Feb 2018.

  1. King85

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    No mention of Project Binky or Soup yet?

    You're missing out people.
  2. JRS


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    Location: Burton-on-Trent

    Post 12.

    Stuff I regularly watch:
    Motor Trend (also have a Motor Trend On Demand sub)
    Regular Car Reviews
    Mighty Car Mods
    Harry's Garage
    Mike Finnegan's channel
    Lucky Costa's (from Hot Rod Garage) channel
    Nick Murray
    Jay Leno's Garage
    Hot Rod Network
    Goodwood Road & Racing
    1320 Video
    Cletus McFarland
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  3. dacads


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    Ones that haven't been mentioned yet:

    Roads Untraveled
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  4. Glanza


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    Car Throttle is my go to channel for general stuff,
    I used to watch Jamie_FYD but his videos are all the same now, never anything bad said about a car and they are always 'on a cheeky b road'
    Stef_AB used to be good to watch when he started out with his Abarth 500 but as soon as he strapped a bigger turbo to it he kept hitting you over the head my 250bhp Abarth 500 and it got stale quick.
  5. SDK^


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  6. Conscript


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    I don't think it's his channel, he only joined a few months ago. He is certainly the best presenter/reviewer there now though. I used to watch it sparingly, now he's there it's one of my most watched channels :)
  7. Schizo


    Joined: 19 Feb 2008

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    Seen through glass.
    Supercars of London.
    Cleetus mc ect
    Shmee (getting on my nerves lately though)
    Royal Jordanian (bike)
    Baron and 44 teeth.
    Tge TV.
  8. Participant


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    Sounds German so maybe English people skip past it assuming the reviews are in German, but they're all in English.

    He's a little militant in respect of the use of leather in vehicles, but one he gets that off his chest each time, the review style is right up my street. Clear and detailed without gimmicks.

    I went to the same school as Henry Catchpole and had no idea he was a famous car reviewer until I read this thread!
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  9. Diddums


    Joined: 24 Oct 2012

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    Location: London

    If you enjoy 44T and Baron then also check out The Missenden Flyer.

    And Schmee? No. Just no. Guy can't tell the difference between a clutch plate and a spark plug.
  10. Schizo


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    Forgot to put the flyer in :)
  11. sanaxe1


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    Seen through glass
    Vehicle virgins
    The stradman
  12. commited


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    Absolutely, Soup is brilliant and not getting nearly the exposure it should be getting!

  13. GravyMonster


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    Location: The land of milk & beans

    Most of those mentioned so far plus MrJWW. Similar content to STG and Shmee150, but less of an annoying prat.
  14. Housey

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  15. panthro


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    Subscribed to that just now, looks interesting.
    I tend to watch most of what's been posted already but I actively avoid crap like shmee150, SOL, etc.
  16. Diddums


    Joined: 24 Oct 2012

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    Location: London

    That Soup chap is great. Subbed
  17. DAIR


    Joined: 23 Jul 2009

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    Location: Cayman Islands


    Chris Harris on Cars

    Misha - the guy who helps run apex nurburgring

    Obsessed Garage - some 911 GT3 content



    Car effection - recently got back into this. Nice to see they have a real car critic in Henry as a part of their team.

    Jayemm on cars

    Harrys garage

    Motor Trend - only because of jethro. The other presenters are rubbish.

    Sam Moores - doesn't have that much content. But the content he does have is of good quality.

    SCD - This has "some" good content too.

    I stay clear of those shmee, see through glass and the rest of them lowlife lol. Harsh I know..... But I just can't stand them. Question whether or not they really know how to even "drive".
  18. Frozennova

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    Motor Trend (On demand sub though)
    The Smoking Tire
    Subaru (Launch control series following GRC and Rally is brilliant)
  19. Greboth


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    Home built by Jeff

    Not seen this channel mentioned, still quite a small channel and production isn’t amazing but a great DIY channel.
  20. Mal X


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