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When did you realise that most people are morons?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Efour, May 3, 2020.

  1. jpaul


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    Predicate seems to be that sweden is immune ? ... we'll see ..

    Maybe you can characterise a nation by the integrity of the leader it elects ... did the swedish leader also have his justflubro sound bite.
  2. Mr Badger


    Joined: Dec 27, 2009

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    Strange, many posters here seem to enthuse about entering via the back doors.

    How some people seemed proud to flaunt their ignorance and lack of critical thinking in supporting Trump and Brexit and made it a bad year for having faith in the ability of the general public to make decisions.
  3. The_Arbiter


    Joined: Jul 2, 2019

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    Yeah, agreed. Sadly every job i've ever had has been a similar experience.

    What irks me is the lack of ability to care, i know we're all puppets to some extent, but 5mins out of your day to consider another person around you goes a long way. This is what i found makes life hard for me, being around those don't.

    I've always believed the internet is just too disconnected from reality, so what a person types is always has a different meaning to each reader.

    But i've also thought the nothing but positive comments could be a detrimental slide. When asking for criticism from friends on something i did, people would rarely give anything. But replies such as "you suck, redo", were nice to read. It comes across as a fun comment, made me smile, and it took more effort than 'a like', or a "well done".

    But in a loose and massive generalisation comment, daytime Radio 1 listeners get my vote for low intelligence :p
  4. sigma


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    I don't think it's anything to do with being dumb.

    There are plenty of morons on here who don't appear to be dumb in the traditional sense of the word.
  5. SexyGreyFox

    Man of Honour

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    OCUK was one of the first Social Media sites I joined and I am constantly gobsmacked by what some people think and believe.
    Facebook came along and that's when it went to another level because I actually know these people.
    Over the last few weeks I've had to start unfollowing people otherwise I'd explode, I could do it with a load on here but as far as I know everyone is a Bot here.
  6. Zefan


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    Nah that was just Gilly.
  7. DarrenM343


    Joined: Oct 19, 2008

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    As a teenager observing adults.
    Social media is an eye opener too :).
  8. The_Abyss


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  9. HangTime

    Man of Honour

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    I've yet to reach this conclusion. I'm of above-average intellect which means I inherently expect the majority of people to be 'inferior' in comparison to me at certain things, but that doesn't make them morons.
    Yes, comment sections can be painful but some of the posts, just like this forum, are probably semi-trolling.

    Regarding left/right, it's odd. My wife gets these confused somehow, yet uses "this way" (left) and "that way" (right) without problem.
  10. regulus


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    Location: Wellington, NZ

    While I'm not as harsh as the OP, I'd say he's on to something. The entire media/news/social media ecosystem has become Clown World. Utterly ridiculous headlines and thumbnails to make everyone looked as ridiculous as possible and 'your side' as good as possible.

    I mean, not to worry for me as I 110% ignore all visual media and only listen to the 6am news in the morning and no other 'news' during the day. I have also removed all news bookmarks a couple of years ago so I don't accidentally click on them.

    I can't really say that people in my circles are stupid either. If they were they would not be in my circle :p .I have no idea what your average person on the street feels or thinks as I generally don't have much to do with them. They could all be very smart for all I know.
  11. malachi


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    Multiple times,
    23rd June 2016
    8th November 2016
    At the start of this year when people started panic buying toilet paper.

    The two dates, I could easily say people are just misinformed. But with covid and peoples reactions, it was the final nail in the coffin.
    Last edited: May 4, 2020
  12. Lopéz

    Man of Honour

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    Spend a little time working in customer services (a contact centre is ideal) or retail.
    Either experience will change your view on average intelligence levels forever.
  13. jpaul


    Joined: Mar 1, 2010

    Posts: 10,622

    Internet seems to have faciitated the spread and mass democritization of moronity ... but it did good things too.
    that would seem to make January 1, 1983 year zero

    prior social media comments - Post-covid, can hope there will be a kick-back/rejection of social media ...the GenXYZ proponents, realise it is actually their room 101, and that the authenticity of face2face relationships is more nourishing .... an upside ?
  14. malachi


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    Social media gave people a voice when before then they just be ignored or laughed at for being stupid.

    Now they become the centre of attention and bringing others down to their level. I honestly thought the days of Jack Ass was gone.

    Then you see the most rated Tiktok videos.
    Last edited: May 4, 2020
  15. BowdonUK


    Joined: Jan 17, 2016

    Posts: 3,746

    I agree. I'm not the most intelligent person. I can recognise when someone is highly intelligent. I've met a handful of intelligent people in my life. I can recognise when I should keep quiet, and acknowledge that the other person as more knowledge on a subject than me.

    I think people have to know their role in society. Just because someone isn't blessed with intelligence shouldn't mean they should be written off. Everyone has qualities to have an equal opportunity in contributing to society.

    People should know their own strengths and stop trying to be something they aren't. I think society would be a better place and the people would have less anxiety and insecurity.
  16. Hussman

    Wise Guy

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  17. iamdjdz


    Joined: Nov 24, 2006

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    I don't think everyone is a moron, but I feel that there's an increased tendancy for people to feel like they've got to have an opinion or knowledge on everything. People don't seem to have the ability to not know things anymore. So you get a bunch of people who have no or little knowledge of a subject then being highly opinionated towards the ideas they've formed from that. Thus appearing moronic to people who have greater knowledge of that subject area. This coupled with the ability now to voice whatever you want very quickly to a large audience has definitely made it seem like more people are idiots. Karen down the road may know how to make a much better loaf of bread than Dick the economist but when she shares her opinion of how to increase GDP in Nigeria he will see her as a moron, likewise the other way when he shares his cookie recipe that omits a pinch of salt.
  18. FishLicker

    Wise Guy

    Joined: Jan 17, 2015

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    I’ve had a very low opinion of most people since a very young age. I believe it at least partially influenced my decision not to have kids. Agreed with the others though, TV, media and internet have really brought this to the fore. I mean I never knew there were so many incredible geniuses until the internet came along, who all have wide ranging knowledge ranging from inner workings on governments all over the world, to experts on contagions, and everything in between.

    A world where a thuggish moron can become a millionaire by going on a TV show (e.g. Geordie Shore) and behaving as badly as possible perfectly highlights all that is wrong with the world. They always say the market decides what succeeds and fails, and this sort of thing sets the standard, apparently. That goes for any reality TV.

    Lets not even get started on panic buyers. They think they’re being clever by stocking up, but what they fail to realise is there was no shortages, and it was their behaviour entirely that caused the issues as well as being massively selfish.

    Only now are we being reminded about what’s important. People have short memories, though...

    The only reason why we have progressed as far as we have scientifically/technologically is due to a tiny proportion of the population with genuine talent developing this stuff for us to use; ironically, their inventions have enabled idiots to voice opinions on things they have zero knowledge of, or spreading fake news or conspiracy theories which does nothing but undermine society. It enables them access to wealth denied to many people who actually make a positive difference in society, in return for poisoning the airways with vacuous garbage and making simple people thinking they are some kind of role model that should be aspired to, which perpetuates the problem.

    A perfect example of just how screwed up the world really is.

    For what it’s worth, I am actually quite a sociable person, and I don’t believe myself to be any more intelligent than anyone else with the ability to string a few words together and use a spell checker, so I am not speaking from a position of arrogance. I acknowledge there are still people trying to do good. I just pick my friends very carefully. Nothing I have seen in 41 years on this planet has convinced me that people have gotten any better over the years, if anything, people have less F’s to give nowadays than they ever had.

    Perhaps one day the intelligent 5% will be able to leave Planet Earth and leave the morons behind to die off :) In all seriousness though I don’t think human behaviour will change any time soon so you just have to try and avoid the crazy as much as possible :D
  19. alchal


    Joined: Aug 27, 2019

    Posts: 229

    People who hate other people due to how they voted during a referendum,assume that they are all knuckle dragging idiots because...well they are super intelligent intellects who have crystal balls and all that jazz.

    Wishing that this country would go to the dogs so they can sit all smug and say
    'told you so,I'm a super smart person '

    My girlfriend's brother is a prime example.
    'i hope the EU **** us over to prove a point that we we are nothing without them'

    Dear god...
  20. malachi


    Joined: Jun 27, 2006

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    Then COVID-19 came steam rolling in out of nowhere!