Which 2 mobos should i keep in my rigs ?

28 Jan 2005
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I have 2 pc's: Poor me :rolleyes:
Rig 1
Opteron 185 on an Epox 9NPA+SLI with 2Gb G.Skill ZX ram. A HIS 1900Xt and a X-Fi Platinum, 2 DVR111 and 2 hard drives. In a Chieftech Dragon case. :D

Rig 2
X2-4600 on DFI Infinity RS482 with 2Gb Geil value ram, a Leadtek 7800GT and a Creative Audigy, 1 DVR111 and 2 hard drives. In a Silver Sugo case. :p

I got the last Asus A8N VM CSM from the OCUk clearance section and am wondering should i put the DFI mobo in my main rig and the Asus mobo in my mini rig. I don't need the extra pci slot of the ATX mobo so can afford to loose them, only thing i may want to add to one of my pc's is a TV card.
18 Oct 2002
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imho the epox is a good piece of kit, got one here and i'd say it's nearly as good as the dfi ultra d (got 1 o them too) so id stick with the epox in favour of your dfi, unless its faster then the epox of course.

A8N vm's arent too bad either fo a simple budgety type of board (rma'd a couple tho due to being doa) actually seemed fairly nippy but probably below that of the epox, not sure on the a8n's long term as yet due to the doa's.

A - Is it worth the agro swapping around?
B - Which will sell for more dosh?

my thoughts fwiw :)
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