Which soundcard?

25 Aug 2008
York, UK
I'm in the process of deciding all my hardware for a new build, so far I have the following:

i7 920
Gigabyte UD5
6gb 1600mhz ram
Samsung F3 HDD sata2
Tagan 900w PSU
Gfx card - undecided yet
TV card - undecided yet
Windows 7 (eventually)

I already have a Logitech Z5500 speaker system, so I need a souncard for decent quality sound. Which soundcard would be best for me, and what connection with this mobo and setup?

Many thanks
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26 Jun 2009
im also looking at the same rig idea cant get replys as to if you can use the PCI slots above the Fdx cards to put in the sound card. I been looking at this 1 myself or the champion series and i to have the z5500 speakers


only reasson i not got them yet is cant seem to find out if it will go in the slot above the GFx card as i belive it wont in the top 1 as theres a heat sink near it.

Just remember if you put sli in you may not get to use the pci slots below the gfx slots as thet will probably have the gfx card in the way.

I mysef as i want sli in the future need to see if these slots can be used for these sound cards

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